April 21, 2017

 Friday - Sunny with a touch of rain, cool

A busy, busy day.

I got up this morning at the regular time with F and we headed out to the apartment.  We grabbed our coffees as usual and then went.  I vegged on the couch for a bit, F dealt with the tatami guy.  He took our tatami panels away to fix.  

During ER I took a break for breakfast and tea.  ER was great, F even watched it with me.  Afterwards, I turned off the TV and got to work. 

Today I was quite busy.  First I emptied a couple more kitchen drawers and wiped them down, then I took out the three bottom drawers and cleaned underneath them.  There was a bunch of gunk stuck there, there is none as far as I know now.  F was busy too, he worked on his closet, and then when I vacated the kitchen, he went in and worked on the fan over the stove.  

I went into the toilet room and cleaned the walls.  I haven't done the toilet yet, but the walls look so much better.  

Oh, and we went out for lunch.  It was to Hyakkenbori and we both had the special and tried to update our iPhone apps.  I got a few done, F got less.  I was a bit mad that he'd try downloading a major update on free wifi! After lunch we went over to Hard-Off and got rid of our fax machine.  We didn't get much for it, but we don't have to throw it out ourselves.

We came back to the apartment and got back to work.  I stopped before 4:00 to take a shower, then ate the food that F had brought me.  Which reminds me, I asked F to bring me a snack for my early dinner/late lunch. He was going out anyway and offered.  When he came back, he was pleased with himself.  He'd brought us some senbei and low calorie chocolate.  It was quite silly.  I expected a sandwich or a salad, something meal-like, not snacks!  F went out to get me something, and then came back with a tortilla roll and some salad.  They were great and we shared the meal.

I watched the news and then got ready for my class.  F was busy when I had to leave, but he soon came and dropped me off.

The class went quite well.  It wasn't perfect, but it went fine.  I enjoyed myself, I hope the students did too.  

We picked up a couple of thing from the apartment, I changed out of my work clothes and then we went to the grocery store for food. I got a couple of things and then came back to the house and feasted.  F has fallen asleep now, and I'm so tired that I keep sleeping every few minutes.  

Sorry if this doesn't make a lot of sense.  I'm really sleepy.  In fact, I need to go and sleep now.  Until tomorrow….


Marta said...

looks like you had a very loooong and busy day!

Helen said...

Thanks for visiting. Yes, it was long and busy. I was so tired at the end of the day!