April 24, 2017

 Monday - Sunny

A good day.

It was hard to get up this morning, but we still managed.  We left before K was up I think.  We stopped and got some coffee and I got a salad, F got something for his breakfast.

He dropped me off at the apartment and I went in.  I took out the garbage first and then vegged for a while.  I had a very hard time getting motivated today.  At first, I went through some of F's boxes and sorted them out a bit.  F just has so much junk and wants to keep it all.  For example, a few years ago he bought a couch cover without any input from me.  It was horrible.  Brown lace, polyester. Bleck.  We used it for a while, but it became too much of a pain to keep on the couch.  Today I found it in a bag and later asked if I could toss it.  No.  He likes it.  It has that stinky, musty smell at the moment and it is seriously ugly.  And did I mention we are junking the couch anyway?  I think I might accidentally lose it tomorrow.  Is that too evil?

F came home for his lunch and afterwards, I went out to buy mine.  He did offer to bring me something, but I needed to pick up a few things like granola and bread.  

After lunch, I did a few little things around the apartment.  I didn't really accomplish anything big though.  I put some bathroom stuff in a box, I tidied up a little, that kind of thing.  

When F came around 6 tonight he started cleaning right away.  I was going to stop him, but decided that it was a good thing and he should keep doing it after all! I joined him in cleaning, and did a first run at the living room windows.  I haven't finished, but I took the windows from gross and dirty to just dirty! My plan is to take down the curtains tomorrow and wash them, then while they are in the machine, I'll wash the windows. I'm not sure if I'll get the living room and the bedroom ones done, but I can try.  

We picked up a few groceries for K and then went and had our dinner.  We went to the little Chinese restaurant near the bridge.  Now that we have an idea what dishes are good, I'll miss this place.  For the longest time when we went there, I got stuck with really nasty things, but recently, I enjoy most of the food we get there.

We came back to the house and gave K her food.  F and I came upstairs where we have stayed.  F is snoozing away. He's having back and neck problems again, but this new doctor did at least give him different medicine and stronger painkillers.  

So that was it for me today.  Come back in a bit and find out how my Tuesday goes.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Hi, Helen--

I would definitely "lose" that couch cover. And in the future, remember: It's better to ask forgiveness than permission! LOL!

I was in luck when I moved out of my Tokyo apartment and the company I worked for paid for the cleaners to come in and take care of everything. All I had to do was pack my bags and make a break for it! I mean, can anyone ever really clean to Japanese standards of cleanliness? (Even Japanese can't hardly manage it! LOL!)

Helen said...

I would like to lose the couch cover. I have moved it away from the pile of stuff to go to the house. (Step One) ;-)

Yeah, I suggested getting cleaners in, I was laughed at basically. I don't know if they will be very happy with us, but it is getting cleaned!

Thanks for commenting and the chuckle!

Kentucky Lady said...

Sounds like the cleaning and move is getting very stressful. Is this weekend the deadline? Sending good thoughts to you for this week! Take care. Just curious, where are you all going to put all of your things at F's house?

Helen said...

I think this weekend is the deadline, although F hasn't made any arrangements for the movers to come.

F has a big two storey garage which a lot of stuff will go in, but there isn't all that much. Moving is stressful, but I am enjoying getting rid of stuff too. Just wish I had the internet up and running!