April 12, 2017

Moving Tales

Wednesday - Rainy and cold

An okay day.  

This morning when I woke up, I discovered that K had been angry with F last night.  I heard them yelling, but he had told me that it was just his mum not being able to hear him well.  Today he said that she was angry because we didn’t come home to eat.  Well, er…um….why should we? All of my cooking gear is in boxes and it is spread all over this city.  Sigh.  I didn’t say hello to her this morning, I didn’t actually see her and she wasn’t outside today either.

We stopped at the conbini this morning for our coffee fix and F’s breakfast, then headed off for the apartment.  F dropped me off a bit early today as the guards were out reminding people that school has started again.  It’s a great system, except if you live in a school zone! I didn’t mind walking a little way to the apartment at all.

I turned on the heater inside and snuggled under a robe with my coffee until it warmed up.  I watched ER and had breakfast and tea later on too.

Today I didn’t do a big project, just a few little ones.  I cleaned the coffee pot, finished clearing the kitchen rack and then cleaned it too, and got out three spare suitcases from the spare room and checked them out.  One I want to toss, but the other two aren’t in bad condition.  F is wanting to keep them all, but honestly, there is no way that I will ever use the bad one again!  The outside is very dirty and it is really old too.

As part of my lunch today, I broke open my mincemeat tarts!  They expire at the end of the month and by gum, I want to have them.  I did give F one when he picked me up, so it’s not exactly like I’m hoarding them.

I got quite a lot of the telly on the DVR watched today. I started early and then went late. I don’t know when I’m going to give up the TV there.  I set the DVR up for tonight too.

F was a bit late tonight as he had to work late.  It gave me a bit of a chance to get some more stuff done.  That was good.

When he came, I plied him with coffee and a mincemeat tart.  Yummers.  We talked about going out and I wanted pasta.  I did ask that we go to the electric shop as I wanted to get some new cables for the computer set up to see if they would work.  We bought a couple and then decided to go to a pasta restaurant near the shop.  Our original plan was to go elsewhere, but we changed our minds.  I think it was a good idea.  We went to a place that we had a bad experience with last time, but this time was fine.

Dinner was quite good. I had pasta with fresh tomatoes and bacon in a garlic sauce, F had mushrooms with a creamy egg sauce.  We were both pleased.

We went to a grocery store and picked up a few things for his mother and then came back to the house.  She seemed in a better mood, but was already in bed.  She asked if I wanted to eat something, but really I didn’t! 

F and I made our way upstairs and spent a quiet couple of hours together.  I planned a class that I’ll be teaching next week, and played a few games of computer solitaire.  I caught up on my Facebook and email too.

And that’s about it.  Tomorrow I’m going to take my computer to the apartment and try and plan another class if I have time.  I also want to do some laundry and of course do a few things on the move.  Come back later and see if I am still here or if, as I suspect, this will be greatly delayed!  Until tomorrow….

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