April 14, 2017

Moving Tales

Friday - Sunny and warmer

A good day.

I got up this morning and went to the apartment with F.  He dropped me off and then went on his way. I went into the apartment, dumped most of my stuff, and took the bags of garbage to the gomi station.  No big deal.  I came back in the apartment and turned on the heater and drank my coffee.  I vegged rather a lot this morning, but did a few things in the end.  

I packed up the coffee pot this morning, then I went into the room that F used for dressing himself and picked up a lot of stuff from the floor.  I made a box for his socks, a pile of his work gloves, and I washed a whole bunch of work/cleaning towels and then hung them up.  By then, it was almost time for my shower, so I took it and then got dressed for going out. 

My friend picked me up and we went to Pisolino today.  We had a good time, and we talked about her classes as I’m going to do a few of them next week.  When she had to go, she dropped me off at my apartment and went on her way.

I went back in, changed back into my cleaning clothes, and got busy.  I took down the kitchen curtain and the hooks on the window that I used to hang my beadwork on, and then I cleaned one side of the window. I didn’t do the other side because it was a bit far to reach at the moment, but it looked so much better afterwards.  I also washed the curtain and hung it to dry. I’m not sure if we’ll use it again, but it was pretty, bright and cheerful, and I would like to keep it in case!

I cleaned a couple of the drawers in the kitchen. One was a bit involved as it had some greasy marks in it, but I got it clean.  I wiped down the outside of the drawers too for good measure.  

F wasn’t late today, and also wasn’t as tired as he was yesterday.  He came to the apartment and I gave him some cake and coffee.  We chatted for a while, he checked with his mother to see if she needed any food, then off we went for dinner.  I had suggested Bikkuri Donkey!!, so we went there and had a fairly decent meal.  I had my usual pine-burg steak and enjoyed it.

We bought a few groceries and then came back to F’s house.  His mum was up and said hello, but then F and I came upstairs.  We spent a quiet time upstairs…made a game plan for tomorrow…and then played a few games on my computer.

I’m hoping to have a chance to try setting up the internet again tomorrow.  F might try taking his mother out in the morning, so that I can give it another try.  It’s really hard to have people around when all I want to do is curse and pull my hair out..and I have to act polite and unaffected.  

I do feel rather cut off.  If it wasn’t for my iPhone I would be so isolated, so I’m glad that I have it.  I hope that I can get the internet set up soon.  I have a lot of blog entries to post and a lot of things I need to get back to….Hello Postcrossing!

Anyway, that’s it for tonight. I am hoping that I’ll be able to upload this tomorrow.  That’s the game plan for now anyway.  Wish me luck with it all eh!  Until tomorrow, fingers crossed….

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