April 15, 2017

Moving Tales

Saturday - Cool and windy

A good day.

F and I both slept in quite late this morning. I think he wasn’t feeling great from his back, I was just glad that I didn’t have to get up early!  We got up and asked F’s mother if she’d like to have lunch with us.  She would, so we ended up in a ramen/curry place.  They had ramen and gyoza, I had curry. It was okay, but a bit heavier than I wanted.

We bought a few groceries and then came back to the house via the park.  F let K and I out and we walked to the park.  F joined us after he parked the car and we did a little walk around the park to enjoy the cherry blossoms.  It was a bit cold and they weren’t completely out, but it looked nice out there.  
It was windy!

Okay, they're pretty!

We came back to the car and drove back to the house.  I attempted to start up my internet again, but didn’t manage it.  I am waiting for passwords from the internet provider.  Once I have them, I should be able to call again and ask them to help me.  Or that’s the present theory.  I’m honestly so disgusted by the whole thing.  I would never have move my computer over here so early if I had known I would be without the internet for so long.

After my failure to figure things out, F and I went to the apartment and got to work.  Finally, he did some stuff.  He still hasn’t called the tatami person, but he cleaned up a lot of his stuff today and took his clothes out of the room.  I cleaned the toaster oven as we’re probably going to use it here and then washed the other half of the window that I did before.  At 5:30, F was wanting to take the windows out of the frame and wash them in the bath, but I wouldn’t let him.  We had the lights on inside, and with the windows out, every bug in the vicinity would come into the apartment.  No thanks dear.

After a while, F broke down our big kitchen rack and then did some cleaning in the kitchen.  I cleaned some of the walls in the living room and the doors too.  It’s starting to look better and it is getting there, but I don’t know how much time we’ll be able to put in tomorrow.  We have to get a ton of stuff out of there still.  Most of it is big stuff now, but there are still a lot of boxes of stuff, plus the fridge, table and chairs and bed.  Don’t forget the microwave and the TV.  We also have to cut up the couch or something. It’s been broken for a year, so there’s no point in moving it with us.  Sigh.  I loved it, but F wrecked it.  

We called K to see if she needed anything for dinner, but she was fine.  F and I kept working until a little after 8 pm then we went for dinner to the Chinese place by the bridge.  We had one dish that we usually have, and 3 others that were slightly different.  We liked them all today. Probably not enough vegetables, but we did have some. 

We came to F’s house via a convenience store for a drink for me and then came upstairs.  We didn’t unload the car…tomorrow morning will work for that we think.  

We watched a movie on my computer, F fell asleep at the end of it, I did some knitting.  And that’s about it.  It was a good day, I just wish we’d had a few more productive Saturdays before now! 

Come back soonish and see what I get up to next.  Until tomorrow…or something like that!

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