April 2, 2017

Moving Tales

Sunday - Cloudy and a little cool

A good day.

F and I stayed up a little late last night, so we slept in quite late this morning.  I think it actually wasn’t morning anymore when we shook a leg and went downstairs.  

We took F’s Mum (should probably start calling her “K” or something since that is her first name’s initial) out for lunch.  We were going to go to a not great place at first, but then I suggested Hyakkenbori and F thought it was a good idea.  We went there and after a tiny wait, had a lovely lunch.  I had teriyaki chicken, K had fish and F had tempura.  It was all very nice.  

After lunch, F went to the glasses shop to see if they could fix his glasses or order new ones.  Luckily, they fixed the problem quickly so we were able to leave soon after.  I wanted to visit a hundred yen shop nearby, so we went there.   Sadly, it didn’t have what I wanted, so we left.  K wanted to go to a hardware store, which we did. I couldn’t find what I wanted, but K did.  She also went through the pet and garden section.  The plants in the garden area made my allergies really bad, so I sniffed and sneezed through the rest of that store! 

After all of this, F and I drove K home and left again to go to the apartment.  Except we didn’t go right away.  I wanted to see the new section on the mall.  They’ve improved the bus station and it is very nice and modern now.  Of course they had flowers everywhere so I was a bit sniffy! The Doutors there is just a tiny one where you can buy some takeout drinks and a few sandwiches.  Still, it opens early and closes after the one in the mall, so woohoo!  Coffee later than 8 pm!!  We stopped in the real Doutors and had a coffee each and also used their wifi to catch up with the world.

We finally went off to the apartment and worked quite hard for the next 3 or 4 hours.  I worked on the tatami room and got some things out of the closet and disposed of. F wants to keep everything which is really annoying me because some of the things he wants to keep have a severe mildew smell, but if he does the work to clean it up…good for him!

After 7:30 we loaded up the car and headed for Cocos for dinner.  I enjoyed it, F didn’t as much.  I had their ethnic chicken with garam masala sauce, F had ankake rice or something.  

After dinner, we made a brief stop in the grocery store for some garbage bags and something for K’s breakfast.  We came back to the house and unloaded the car.  We’ll have to take the garbage out of the garage tomorrow. Don’t want K to have to do it…some of it is much too heavy for her.  

We came upstairs and have been vegging ever since.  F is now wrapped around my back, snoozing away.  I’m listening to Nat King Cole and trying to prepare myself for going to sleep.  Then again, 7 am is only 6 hours away, so I really should get going.  Come back later if you are interested and see how my day goes!  I am thinking there might even be a movie if I can motivate myself to go! 

Until tomorrow eh….

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