April 30, 2017

Sunday - Sunny, then cloudy later on

A good day.

F and I slept in a bit this morning, then got up.  He suggested going to an out of town restaurant and then going to see the tulips with his mother.  I thought it was an okay idea, so went along with it.  

We got to the restaurant and got a table.  F did something really stupid though.  He ordered two noodle dishes.  He ordered bifun and a yakisoba.  I had only asked for some stir-fried vegetables, but he also ordered some gyoza and ramen for his mother.  That of course was fine.  I only ate some of the vegetables and some of the bifun. I didn’t bother with the yakisoba since it looked horrible, and I already had noodles.  I didn’t have any gyoza either.  Honestly F, you need to vary your diet a bit more.  

We went to look at the tulips which were really pretty.  It wasn’t very crowded up there. In past years there were lots of people and booths of people selling food.  It was like a party.  This year, nothing.  We walked around a little, took some photos and then came back to F’s house and dropped off his mother.

We went over to the apartment and while F worked I took a nap!  I was so tired today for some reason.   After a while I got up and made us some coffee and then decided to pack up most of the stuff in the fridge.  I threw out a bunch of stuff too, some of it with F’s blessing, so that was good.  

We brought a carload of things back to F’s house and put the boxes wherever.  I asked F to help me unpack the food and we put it in the fridge.  Most of it fit!

We went out again to have dinner.  I had hoped for Krippa, the Indian place. I wanted to try it again…I thought we were going there, but F went with my other suggestion of Kintaro Sushi.  We went to the restaurant near the house, not our usual one.  We had a nice meal, if it wasn’t very relaxing.  

After dinner I suggested going to McDonalds for coffee, so we drove around Tsuruoka looking for a coffee shop.  We didn’t find one open.  Finally, we ended up at our usual McDonald, despite that one being quite far away.  F had coffee, I had tea, we used the wifi and then came back to his house.  

F went to bed fairly early, I’m still up. I’ve been playing catch up with my email.  I tossed a lot of it, but had to answer some of it.  I think I’m nearly up to date.

Tomorrow, F is off work.  He is having a medical test in the morning, he just changed doctors again so the new one wants a new test.  In the afternoon we’ll visit a friend in the next city. We hope/plan to go to city hall and change our address officially soon too.  Could turn into a busy day!

Come back later and see what we get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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