April 4, 2017

Moving Tales

Tuesday - Sunny and warmer

A good-ish day.  

I woke up early today.  F woke up around 5 am and went downstairs for a minute, and then I had to too.  I went back to sleep, but almost slept through my alarm. Yikes! I did get up, and even remembered to take all my stuff downstairs to the car with me.  There were a couple of empty boxes, some garbage bags and my stuff too.  It was hard to carry it all.

We picked up coffees on the way to the apartment and then F dropped me off.  It took me a long time to get moving.  I felt horrible.  Last night I thought it was my allergies acting up, today I was pretty sure that I had a cold.  I vegged on the couch for ages, but finally got up and did a few things.  I started with the easy thing, I cleared off the bed in the bedroom.  F and I are thinking about spending the night there on Friday since he will have another work party.  If he walks to the party and back, it’ll be much closer than his house.  I want to because then I can watch Penny Dreadful “live” on WOWOW. 

F came home for lunch and brought me a salad which I had asked for.  It was nice.  I made him coffee while he was there, and he was off again.  I rested a bit more in the afternoon, but finally got to work on the tatami room again.  I cut up a box that we wouldn’t be using again, and moved a few more things out of the way.  Afterwards, the room was a little bit emptier.  

F showed up around 6 pm tonight and I made us coffee again.  Tonight we tried calling his mother, but she didn’t answer.  We loaded up the car with some of the stuff I had found/moved into the hallway, and came back to the house.  We unloaded the car and put a few things away.  At first, K said that she wanted to come out with us for dinner, but then said she had already eaten and would stay home!  Either way she was welcome to join us.  

F and I had a pretty good dinner at Cocoichi Curry.  He had the curry of the day, I had the soup curry which was just a little too hot for me, but still good.  After dinner, we hit up a drugstore to get me some OTC medicine for my cold.

We came back to the house and spent a while chilling out.  I’ve been playing Rod Stewart’s Great American Songbook and we’ve been up here relaxing.  

Tomorrow I am hoping to have lunch with a friend and of course get quite a bit more done at the apartment.  If I have time after lunch, I might prepare a few more things to go to the apartment.  I think I am going to have to work a bit harder.  I meant to do it today, but wasn’t up to it. I hope to start tomorrow!

Come back later and see if I manage to do anything in the apartment and if I am up for lunch with a friend.  Until tomorrow….

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