April 5, 2017

Moving Tales

Wednesday - Clear and sunny, warmer

A goodish day.

We went to sleep early last night, well I did.  Poor F didn’t sleep well. He was having a back night and woke up and made noise which made me wake up.  I was able to get back to sleep, he wasn’t.

On the way to his work today we stopped for coffee again and then he dropped me off at the apartment.  On the way past the gomi box, I thought I saw something, so took a little stroll past it.  Someone had put out their batteries and lightbulbs.  Yay!  I had two bags of used batteries and about 5 old fluorescent light bulbs waiting to go out.  I took them out to the gomi station and left them.   Yay.

After that, I went back to the apartment, took some medicine and watched ER.  I emailed my friend to let her know that I was feeling well enough to go out, but she emailed me back to say she was under the weather.  Oh no! We postponed until tomorrow, fingers crossed.

After ER, I am afraid that I took a bit of a nap.  The Japanese medicine sometimes makes me really sleepy so I wasn’t too upset with myself.  I woke up just before F called me to see if I wanted anything.  I reminded him that I wasn’t supposed to be there, but then asked for a salad!

While he was on his way, I made us tuna melts.  I  had told him about them yesterday so I made us one each on an English muffin.  He liked it.  I also made us coffee too.

He went back to work and then I ate the rest of my lunch.  I was still drowsy, but finally roused myself and got to work.  I went into the tatami room, and cleared the area around the window.  Then I took down the curtains, washed them, and while they were being cleaned, cleaned the window frame and the windows.  I didn’t do a thorough job, but I did a quick and dirty version and got them looking not too bad.  I should do the outsides as well, but that is a bit trickier for me as I’m short and the outside is on the balcony which is a step down.  I rehung the curtains after they were washed.  They looked better, but not perfect.  

F was a bit late tonight, and very tired.  He picked me up and told me that his mother wanted to come out for dinner with us.  That was fine, so we picked up a few things for us in the apartment and then dropped them off.  After that, we headed off to F’s house.  

We picked up his mother and went out for tonkatsu.  We each had the same thing, roast tonkotsu and it was nice.  Dinner was quiet.  F’s mother doesn’t hear well, so she doesn’t talk a lot these days,  I don’t speak Japanese, and F was tired.  Very quiet dinner.

We came back to the house and F and I came upstairs.  I took my pill and then the two of us just had a nap. I was out for roughly an hour, but felt a bit more awake afterwards.  

And that’s about where I’ll leave this off.   Tomorrow I should have lunch with my friend, and then on Friday we’re finally getting our internet hooked up at the house.  It may take a while to get it really working though. I’m just not sure how it’ll go.  I have a whole slew of things that I hope to do after the internet guy does his thing…fingers crossed they’ll get done.  I’m also not going to be here on Friday.  F has his big welcome new team members party at work, so I’m going to stay in the apartment.  He’ll have been drinking, so he’ll probably join me there after he finishes.  I’m planning to watch Penny Dreadful and enjoy my solo evening!

Come back later if you dare and find out how my Thursday goes.  Until tomorrow….

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