April 8, 2017

Moving Tales

Saturday - Cloudy and rainy all day

An okay day.

Yesterday was a bit frustrating.  F had the day off, so we left in the morning and took some stuff to the apartment.  We had a decent breakfast at Gusto too. 

We took stuff from the apartment to dispose of it.  We successfully took some of the metal stuff we don’t need anymore to the green station for recycling.  Then, we tried to take 4 or 5 bags of papers to the burnable garbage station.  I, being the paranoid Canadian that I am, want to destroy any and all papers with my name or any important information on them that I no longer need.  F, being the naive and trusting Japanese person that he is, thinks I’m stupid and should just throw it all in the garbage like he does.  Anyway, he told me that I could take my papers to the burnable garbage place and have them burnt.  I also wanted to have some other garbage from my old Eikaiwa tossed there too.  On the way into the place, he said to me that he thought the papers had to be bundled.  I was agape at that.  I’d never heard that from him before.  

He then asked the people in the office and they asked what I wanted to burn.  He told them magazines…so they said I had to recycle it and bundle the rest.  ARGH!  NOT magazines… Journals from a women’s group I belong to, not glossy paper, with lots of personal information.  So, F wouldn’t go in.  They tried to get me to put my bags of stuff somewhere for recycling, but I was absolutely horrified at that idea. If I won’t put it out in regular garbage, why would I put it in a shed?A shed in the middle of nowhere that I have absolutely no control over? So, F and I were insanely angry at each other. 

We went back to the apartment and he went into his dressing room and did stuff, I went into the kitchen and did stuff.  Eventually, we calmed down and I had the brainwave to go out and get bentos and take them back to his mother’s while we waited for the NTT hookup people to come.  We did that, and it was nice.  We sat and had lunch with F’s mother.

After lunch, we went upstairs, supposedly to unpack.  Well, I unpacked a couple of suitcases, F…watched me.  NTT didn’t come until after 4 pm and it was quite the rigamarole.  They had a crane, had to send new wiring into a tube down to the phone line and the poor guy was yanking the cord something fierce.  I had to move a lot of F’s mother’s treasures so that they wouldn’t get damaged.  F had a work party that night, and the time was getting late.  He said he’d cancel, I said no way and then the guy was done. Whew! 

There was no time for us to set up my computer, so we just had to run.  F drove us over to the apartment and then called a cab for himself.  

I spent the next few hours alone and happy.  I went through a box with some of my old crafts in them and got purple ink all over my hands, then went out to the convenience store.  I bought a salad, a drink, and some munchies, then came back and watched some serious telly.  Castle, Numbers and then of course, Penny Dreadful.  It was wonderful seeing it by myself.  F did text me a couple of times during it, but that was quiet at least.  

I watched something from the DVR and then got really sleepy so tried to go to bed.  F returned home just as I was about to climb into bed.  He went to bed soon too.

This morning, we got up and F went to his first doctor.  I took a shower and soon after F was back.  

We had a nice breakfast and some coffee, then went to our doctor.  We were early, but had to wait about an hour.  Sigh.  Too damn long if you ask me. 

After the doctor, we had lunch in The Grand El Sun and then came back to F’s house.  I wanted to see if I could connect to the internet.  Short answer? Nope!  We couldn’t plug everything in, so F and I zoomed out to pick up a plug adapter.  We got one and then came back after a bit of a grocery shop for his mother.

We tried again, but nope, it didn’t happen.  I was very frustrated, especially since F’s mother was coming over to watch and she was eating something loud and crunchy right behind me.  I couldn’t say anything and F was, as usual in these circumstances, worse than useless.  He doesn’t know anything about the machines and can’t think of anything useful to say.

I gave up.  I didn’t want to start yelling at either of them while I was working so I suggested we leave.  We did.

F and I were driving around talking about going for coffee when he saw the old Mr. Donut building was reopened as a fish izakaya.  Of course he wanted to go right away.  We parked and went in.  They didn’t have room for us as we didn’t have a reservation, so they gave us coupons for their other branch. We walked over, but F decided not to go.  I really didn’t want Japanese food for dinner, but I didn’t want a war either.  

We moved the car and then went to a hole in the wall type of izakaya.  The food was good, but the service was slow and it ended up being a good 1000 yen more expensive than either of us thought it would be.  Not good.  

We drove to the theatre, but had almost an hour to kill.  F decided he needed ramen so drove to another restaurant and had some.  I had a couple of gyoza, didn’t really want any to be honest.  We raced back to the theatre and miraculously got there 10 minutes before our movie started.  

We went to see Ghost in the Shell and both of us enjoyed it.  We loved the visuals…I thought Scarlett Johannson was actually quite good.  I felt it was a little Blade Runner-y with the look of the cities, but kind of liked that too.  

After the movie, we just came back to the house.  I did a little research on hooking up my internet, so if I have a chance tomorrow I will give it another try.  Fingers crossed it works.  If it doesn’t, I might have to get F to contact the company and get them to do it.  He won’t like that!

So that is it.  My last two days… Lots of frustration and not a lot of moving out of the apartment.  We have to do stuff tomorrow…lots of stuff.  I hope to be able to post “live” soon.  Not sure when I’ll be able to update these reports.  Wish me luck with that eh?  Night….

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