March 22, 2017

Posting from the move when I had no internet....

Wednesday-Sunny, rainy and cool

An okay day.  After a freezing night in the house, F left for work.  I stayed upstairs for a bit and unpacked some essentials like my cds and then went downstairs to say hi to F’s mum and have breakfast.  It was only yogurt and cereal, similar to what I usually have…got it at the supermarket.

I came back upstairs to do more unpacking and along the way, F called me to say that our internet provider called him and they wouldn’t be installing it today…it wouldn’t be done until April 7th…Oh good grief.  I was not a happy camper.  Since there was no reason to stay in F’s house then, I decided to leave and go back to the apartment.  I said my goodbyes to F’s mum and rode off to my apartment.  I went via the convenience store to get something for lunch.  F called me a couple of times on my way home…I was a touch annoyed!

I got to the apartment first, but stayed out of the way so that F could have his lunch and get back to work.  Then, I had lunch.  Today it was carbonara and was quite nice.  

I did a lot of work today.  I worked on the island between the kitchen and the living room a bit, in the living room a bit, and also mostly cleared off my desk. I had a few garbage bags ready to go as well.  I took some of the perishables out of the fridge and freezer and got them ready to go too.

When F finished work he came to the apartment and picked me up.  He looked for some of the stuff that he has misplaced and we left to go and have dinner.

Dinner tonight was in Cocos and we had mostly the same thing.  We tried a new dish, brined chicken and it was pretty good.  They also had a dessert special too, so we had that as well.  

We did a quick tour of a grocery store for F’s beer and his mother’s kimchi and then came back to his house.  His mum was still up and so we said hello before coming upstairs.  

F has to go to work early tomorrow so we’ll probably have an early night again.  There’s no TV yet and no wifi so I am resorting to knitting and reading to get me through!  Good thing I like both!!

Will try and update tomorrow too.  

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