March 23, 2017

Blogging from the move, before the internet came back!

Thursday - Sunny and clear…cold at night

A good day.

We’ve been going to bed early because it is either too darn cold or too darn boring to stay up late here at the house.  There is no internet and no TV in our room, so I am bored stiff at night. 

This morning we got up early and F drove me most of the way to the apartment.  I walked the rest, stopping at a convenience store for a coffee.  I went into the apartment and found out about the terrorist incident in London.  I had originally thought I might take a nap, but I didn’t.  I ended up staying awake and then getting busy.  Today I worked on my corner of the living room and got it mostly boxed up. Yay me!

I stopped for lunch and had some bagels and chicken from the freezer.  That was good.  Then, I got back to work and did a lot more tidying, sorting and throwing out.  

F came by the apartment around 6:00 and picked me up. We went to the supermarket first as I needed some soy milk at the apartment. F got some stuff for his mother too. 

For dinner,  he wanted to eat ramen so I thought of a place we could try.  We went there, but it was closed.  We tried another place and got in, but the food turned out to be not so great.  Sad to say.  I even had a mini-ramen with my meal, but it was quite blah.

We came back to F’s house and unloaded the car, then said goodnight to F’s mother and came upstairs.  I watched an Adam Sandler movie -Don’t Mess With the Zohan or something…it wasn’t good. It had a few yuks, but really missed its mark.

And that’s about it.  Tomorrow I’m off to the apartment again, but I might be staying there tomorrow night too.  F is supposed to go to a work party. He’s trying to weasel out of it, but I really want him to go.  I’d like to watch Penny Dreadful in peace for a change.  The TV isn’t set up here at the apartment yet, so I would be terribly annoyed if I can’t see it this time.  

Talk to you Saturday I hope.  Until next time…  

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