March 28, 2017

Tales from the Move

Tuesday - Sunny with a bit of cloud

An odd day.

I got up with F in the morning again and we headed out.  We stopped at Family Mart this morning for their coffee and then F nicely dropped me off at our apartment.  

I grabbed a box of stuff out of the tatami room and went through it.  F had packed it and it had a bit of everything in it.  It took me a couple of hours to go through it properly and afterwards I had a full bag of garbage, and a big pile of papers I wanted F to check through.

F stopped by once to bring me a salad and to pick something up, but most of the day I was in the apartment alone.  I did go out to the post office to deposit some coins in my account.  I’ll miss having a post office so close.

After I repacked some of the box with the stuff I’m sure he wanted to keep, I did some cleaning in the tatami room.  Our ironing board’s foam had disintegrated over the years and was all over the place. I cleaned it up, and got stuck in a few other places too.  I had some lunch and finished up the bread pudding today too.  Yum.  

F was feeling quite tired today and also said he wasn’t hungry.  I suggested going to Marumatsu for dinner, and it turned out to be an okay idea.  The food was pretty good tonight.  I had a katsu dish in soup and gave F most of my rice, he had a soupy dish with natto. Blergh. 

F had called his mother before we had dinner to see if she needed anything and she was a bit shirty on the phone to him. She said that she wanted us to come home early.  Well, we’ve done nothing but come home early in my humble opinion, so nuts to that.  However, we did come in before 9 pm and didn’t bring in a lot of stuff with us tonight.  

F and his mother had a few words downstairs while I came upstairs.  I told F that I was a bit worried about his mother trying to tell us what to do.  We are both in our fifties after all. It isn’t like we are young and crazy and in need of guidance! I can see that this will be a bone of contention in the future.  

In our room upstairs I played Patience with actual real cards for a bit and F took a bath and is now reading.  

Tomorrow I am going to the apartment again.  I might go and get my hair cut if the weather or the mood strikes me.  I’m not sure about that though.  I think I will take things out of the closet in the Tatami room and see what is there. I’m hoping that some of it can be thrown away…we really need to cull our stuff.  

That’s it for me for now.  I know I won’t be actually posting these entries until I have the internet again, but I am in the habit of blogging, so like to write about my day.  Talk to you later eh!

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