March 29, 2017

Tales from the Move

Wednesday - Sunny with some rain in the afternoon

A goodish day.

I got up early again this morning and went out with F when he left for work.  We stopped at the 7-11 for coffee which was nice.  I’m starting to get into coffee in the morning.  

He dropped me off at the apartment and went off to work.  I turned on the heater and vegged for a bit before getting to work.  I had breakfast and tea over ER, but went through another box of his stuff.  I tossed a full bag of garbage from his box.  Does anyone really need travel brochures from 10 years ago?  Answer…no, no they do not! I kept books, I kept any papers that looked like they might be important, but tossed a lot.

I pulled a few things down from the top shelves and played keep or throw for a bit, but left it after a while.  F came by for lunch and brought me some food.  He made his own food, and promptly dropped some of it on the floor.  Sigh!

I wasn’t terribly motivated in the afternoon, but did pack a few things in one of my suitcases, and then decided to do the garbage up for tomorrow.  Thursday is the burnable garbage day.  I had a mostly empty bag so went looking for more garbage.  I checked through the freezer and tossed a few things, and then my eyes fell on F’s bread basket.  It was full to the brim of things for making bread.  I got busy (she says chuckling to herself like a maniac)…Anything that was more than 6 months past its expiry date went out, and even a few things that were less than 6 months past that.  It had been overflowing before, no more.  I washed the actual basket out, and then put the stuff I didn’t turf back into it.  Lots of room now.  

In all I prepped 4 bags to go out, and also put the ironing boards, irons and a couple of boxes by the door to go with us.  

During the afternoon I also took a shower.  I finished up the sachet of shampoo I had bought at the conbini on Friday…I tried a silicon-free shampoo and my hair has felt really shiny and silky ever since.  It also wasn’t itchy which is a major bonus for me!  I had planned to go and get my hair cut earlier, but didn’t.  Oh well.  There’s always tomorrow.

When F finished work he came to the apartment and picked me up.  I had asked him to buy me some bread…he brought me a baguette for tomorrow.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to eat it, but I’ll try.  It looks good, but might be hard.  

He had to pick up some food for his mother and I wanted to pick up a couple of gift bags at the 100 yen shop.  We divided and conquered.  I got some cute bags for my blankets that I am giving away, plus some extra coffee and teas for the apartment.  I’m drinking a lot while I’m there.  

Then it was time for our dinner.  F suggested a good fish restaurant which was fine.  Unfortunately, the parking was full.  He then suggested a place I refuse to go and was throwing a bit of a tantrum about it.  The next place I thought of was closed, so then I asked about the chicken izakaya.  We went there.  We had to sit in the outer section, but they turned on the heater for us and it was fine.  We had some nice chicken dishes, a bit of salad and then were good to go.  

At F’s house, we unloaded the car and put it all in the garage.  We also had a couple of framed jigsaw puzzles too.  They went upstairs in the garage.

We went into the house and then I came upstairs.  

I did a little unpacking tonight.  I did a couple of boxes of cds.  I think I have most of them now. I put them in my racks.  That was fun, except most of my racks are full now!  I also found a dress and a skirt that I didn’t remember in my wardrobe, and miracle of miracles, my old Pentax from college.  The camera case is a bit mouldy and I think I should have it checked out in case it isn’t working well, but I have been wondering where that was for years.  So yay.

I played solitaire on my computer while F watched.  He’s snoozing now and I should get some sleep soon too.  7:00 am is early for me and I have to get up and be out before 7:30 tomorrow.  

I’m not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  I hope it’ll be more packing and sorting… or it could be some going to get a hair cut.  I’ll keep you posted!  Come back tomorrow night and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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