May 13, 2017

Saturday - Rainy

A good day.

We slept in this morning, hurray.  It seems like such a silly thing, but I have been looking forward to that for ages.  When F got up, he went out with his mother to an onsen, I tried to work on our network problems.  I even tried calling today, but couldn’t talk to an actual help person.   Sigh.

When F came back it was quite late. He’d eaten with his mother, but said he could eat more.  I suggested a couple of places, but we both picked The Grand El Sun.  We went there and had a very nice meal.  Mine was chicken almondine, very yummy. F had the fish, he didn’t like  the kind of fish, but I think it looked good.

After lunch we went to the Tsuruoka Art Forum to see some Salvatore Dali engravings.  I liked some of them, but not all of them.  In fact, there were probably more that I didn’t like, than that I did.  Still, it was a good way to spend some time with F.

We picked up a bento for F’s mother, and then he delivered it to her.  Then, we headed to S-Mall and Doutors.  We had a nice beverage there and then hacked around the hundred yen shop.  We got a few things there, I bought some drip coffee for the apartment, and a cleaning thing, F got some nets for his garden, that kind of stuff.  

After that, we went for dinner, stopping by the gas station for something for the car to consume!  At Cocos I had chicken, and F had a Chinese style dish.  They were quite busy tonight. We don’t usually go there on a Saturday night.  

When we finished dinner, we made a quick dash for the theatre and saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  It was a lot of fun, but I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it more than the first one.  I think the first one was so surprising that it was better than this one.  However, I really did like it a lot and laughed an awful lot in the cinema!

After the film we came home and have spent a quiet couple of hours here together.  I’m really quite tired tonight so am looking forward to getting more sleep.  

I’m not sure what we’ll be up to tomorrow.  We are taking F’s mother out for dinner, I sort of hope we aren’t going to take her out for lunch too!  That’s it for today… Come back later and find out about our Sunday.  Until tomorrow….

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