May 14, 2017

Sunday - Sunny and hot, rain at night

A good day.

We got up around 10 this morning.  F wanted to get his hair cut, so I suggested dropping me off at the apartment.  He said it was okay and off we went. On the way there, I suggested breakfast, so we ended up at a gyudon shop.  It was actually an okay breakfast.  I had bacon and asparagus with rice and pickles.  It was cheap and okay.

F dropped me off and then went off to see about his hair.  While I was in the apartment, I folded up the clean cleaning rags and then started to take down the laundry rack.  I couldn’t take it down all the way as I wasn’t sure how, but I got it started.  

F came back with his new ‘do and finished taking down the laundry racks.  He did a couple of other odd jobs too.  Yay.  

We decided that for lunch we’d go to Pal, the shopping centre that has lovely sandwiches, and pick up a sandwich for me and a bento for F.  We did that, and I picked up some food for the week ahead in the apartment for myself.  I got some English Muffins, some soy milk and some yogurt.  We came back to the apartment and had lunch.  F had a tempura bento that looked good, I had a bacon and camembert sandwich that was lovely.

After lunch, we got back to work.  I cleaned up the lunch things and then F loaded up the car.  I asked him if he wanted me to go with him and he did.  We got the stuff back to his house, but he’d loaded a few things in the car that he shouldn’t have done!  Oh well.  

After we put the things away, we came upstairs and took a bit of a nap. We were both quite tired.  Around 4 we went out.  F needed a bank machine and so did I.  I also wanted a drink.  

We did our banking and then went to Doutors in the mall for something nice to drink and a little wifi.  We spent about an hour in Doutors and it was just nice.  I also discovered that my watch is running slow.  Oh dear. Maybe the battery is running down?

We came back to F’s house and picked up his mother.  We drove to a restaurant in Kushibiki and had a quite nice dinner together for Mother’s Day.  I had a tempura meal, F had ginger pork and his mother had some katsu.  She gave a lot of it to F, he gave me some and some of his ginger pork too!  We all shared an order of mountain vegetable tempura.  

We left the restaurant very full and came back to Tsuruoka proper.  I suggested getting some drinks or dessert, so we stopped at a convenience store.  I got some tea and a mint chocolate ice cream, since they are all the rage with some of the foreign wives right now.  

We came back to the house and F and I came upstairs where we stayed ever since.  I showed F the Wuthering Heights video by Kate Bush and also by Shambush. I think he liked them both.  I also finished putting up all of my entries from the move.  They aren’t in order but they are all up now.  Hurray for me for that!

Tomorrow I’m back to the apartment, although I really hope we are nearly at the end. I just want this thing to be over.  Until tomorrow….

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