May 15, 2017

Monday - Rainy then clearing

A good day.

I got up this morning a bit early and then went back to sleep, so I didn’t really hear my alarms when they went off.  Still, I had prepped my clothes last night, so it was easy to get dressed.  F and I were off quickly, K wasn’t even up yet!

F dropped me off right outside the apartment and I went in. I drank my coffee, watched the news and later on The X-Files. I did a little knitting after breakfast too.  That was quite nice.  

I went into the spare room and cut up the zaisu today.  That’s an old style floor seat.  They are quite nice, but the one I had from my Eikaiwa Days was all mouldy and horrid.  I cut it up but was surprised how easy it was to do it.  I think the zaisu was rather well made however. I was surprised at how much foam rubber was inside it.  That done, I did a little bit of spot cleaning on the window and around the apartment.  

F came home for lunch and then left again when he finished. He looked very tired.  I had my lunch after he left, it was rather nice.  I had salad and English Muffins with cheese and duck on them.  Yum.

In the afternoon I got back into the bathroom and did more there.  I  took care of some spots I missed the first time and then I worked on the hose and the ceiling.  Finally, I just took a shower!

F came to the apartment around 5:30.  We had a drink each and then went out for dinner. I had suggested the Chinese place by the bridge.  We went and we were the only people there!  After we were seated, people began to trickle in and then it got quite busy.  We had our three dishes again, stir-fried salty-garlicky green vegetable, deep fried chicken half, and F’s pick, yakisoba with vegetables.  That was fine, I didn’t love it, but I did like it a lot.  

We picked up some drinks and a few foods for K and then drove back to F’s house.  We handed over her stuff and then came upstairs.  It was barely 8:00pm so I wasn’t too pleased at the idea of being stuck in the room from then on.  However, F had something alcoholic and I opened up my computer and there you are.  

Tomorrow I’m back to the apartment.  I’m running out of things to do so I’m not sure what I’ll do.  I’m sure it’ll be so exciting, so come back if you dare and find out!  Until tomorrow….

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