May 16, 2017

Tuesday - Sunny

A good day.

We got up this morning and went off in the car.  We stopped at 7-11 and this morning I had an iced coffee instead of a hot one.  It was a nice change.  

F dropped me off at the end of the block and I walked into the apartment.  I watched some TV, did a little knitting and then got to work.  I didn’t have a hugely productive day today, but I did a little.  Today, I took down all the shelves on the bathroom mirror, washed and dried them.  

F came home for lunch while I was in the middle of that, so we worked around each other.  He left again and then I had my lunch.  

In the afternoon, I went into the bathroom to put back the shelves, but realized that the unit needed to be cleaned first, so I did that.  Then I rehung the shelves.  That was it.  I did clean the sink and some of the things we still need left in the bathroom, but I didn’t actually start anything new.

F was a little late tonight and was tired and a bit growly for a few minutes.  He calmed down quickly and even had two cups of tea for a change. Ah, the power of Earl Grey!  It is that good.  

We went to the drug store to get something for me and then were going to go to a ramen/curry restaurant.  I checked their point card however and realized that they were closed today.  F went into Kappa Sushi for a minute to turn around, and then we decided to just eat at Kappa Sushi since it didn’t seem that busy.  It was an okay idea.

We had quite a few types of sushi.  Some of them were good, others not so much.  I like the more unusual types that they make there.  

We came back to the house and I did a load of laundry. I’ve been putting it off for ages, so it was good to get it done.  I’ll likely have to do another one again soon though.  Sigh.  

F went to bed fairly early as he was tired and not doing well.  I stayed up writing emails and texting a friend that I’m meeting tomorrow. 

Tomorrow I’ll have to get up early again, so I should be sleeping already. Come back in a while and see how my day goes!  Until tomorrow….

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