May 18, 2017

Thursday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I had a hard time getting up this morning, but I managed finally. I got dressed and went out with F to go to work.

He dropped me off near the apartment and I went in. After I got in the apartment, I left again with two bags of garbage. Yay me. I took them to the gomi station and then came back to the apartment.

I had a quiet morning. I ate breakfast, did a bit of knitting, watched X-Files and last night’s ER.  No big deal.   After a bit, I started doing some work.  I cleared a few things away and put them in the spare bedroom.

F came back for lunch and then went back to work.  When he left,  I had my lunch.  Afterwards, I was a bit busy. I moved a bunch of boxes out of the way and cleaned off the couch, I vacuumed the tatami room and generally moved things out of the way.  My goal was to make the rooms tidy enough so that people could move objects through the rooms easily.  I think I did it.  

When F finished work he was a bit surprised at all I had done, and seemed pleased.  Yay me.  He was tired so I gave him some coffee and then we went out for dinner.  Tonight was courtesy of Tai, the ramen/curry restaurant.  F had ramen, I had curry.  It wasn’t too bad at all.  

We picked up a bento for F’s mother nearby and then came back to the house.  At the house F gave her the bento and then we came upstairs.  That’s about it.  

 F may be off to Sendai in the morning for work.  I’m trying to come up with a cunning plan for my day…come back later and see if I manage to do something with my day.  Until tomorrow….

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