May 25, 2017

Thursday - Muggy but not actually rainy

A goodish day.

I had thought about taking myself off to see a movie this morning, but didn’t do it. It was threatening rain and I didn’t want to risk it.  On the whole, I think I’m glad I didn’t go, as I’ve seen all the films anyway.  I watched a little bit of telly at the apartment and also fell asleep for a while.  Oops. 

F came back to the apartment for lunch with a bento for himself. He did ask if I wanted anything, but I didn’t.  I had decided that I would go out after he left.  

A while after F went back to work, I rode off on my bike.  I went to the craft store where I bought myself some new knitting needles, then to the drugstore and finally to the grocery store for a bento and some other food for myself.  

I came back to the apartment and had a little feast while I watched last night’s Suits.  Really like that show.  
After lunch, I decided to shake a leg a bit and did a few things around the apartment.  I picked up a few things and binned them, I put a few of F’s “treasures” into his box for him.  

F was late tonight, he didn’t get back to the apartment until 6 pm.  I gave him some tea and some chocomint cookies when he finally sat down.

We had dinner at Cocos tonight and it was okay. I had linguini with pesto sauce, F had Jambalaya with chicken and then we shared their “dessert of the month”, French Fries with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.  They were a bit odd to be honest. I think they were going for sweet and salty, which is a nice combo, but it didn’t really work here. F ordered a bento from the restaurant for his mother’s dinner, so she got something freshly made for a change.  She said she liked it later.

French fries with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.
The ice cream was hard, soft ice cream might have worked better.

We came back to the house and came upstairs.  We relaxed for a while. I restarted my hat again, I’m only 3 rows in, but that’s okay. It’s started and that’s really all I care about.  

Tomorrow I have to get a few things accomplished in the apartment.  I think/hope we’ll take out the microwave, so I want to clean the inside.  I might get a bit of a start on another room too.  I’ll have to see what I can do about that.  Come back later on and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow.... 

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