May 29, 2017

Monday - Mostly sunny, bit of rain later on.

A very busy day!

We got up around 7:30 this morning…okay, that was me.  F got up around 7 and unloaded the car.  I really didn’t want to get up this morning, I didn’t feel so great.  Still, I did.  We tidied up the room a bit, and then worked on taking the beds apart and out of this room.  It took a while, and there was a lot of dust and dirt underneath that needed to cleaned up.  

In the middle of all of this, we went out for breakfast and to get gas for the cars.  When we came back, F and I really got busy carrying pieces of the bed downstairs.  

Around 1 we called ourselves done here and went for lunch.  We went to Kitchen Futaba and I had a lovely quiche lunch and F had their seafood paella. 

When we finished, we went over to the apartment, and F moved the fridge out of the corner, I cleaned it.  He also took the bed apart a bit.  The movers came a little after they said and it was quite interesting to watch them move our stuff. They wrapped everything up very carefully, much more carefully than I would have!  They even took one extra piece over, our TV stand.  

We drove over to the house with the moving van following us.  At the house, they did everything in reverse!  They took things out and set them up for us.  The bed was the most difficult, but my favourite thing.  We had two ¾ size beds in our room pushed together, we now have our queen sized bed from the apartment and a whole lot more floor space.  Whew! 

While F took care of the bill and protocol of giving them something to drink, I worked on making the bed.  Luckily, I had the foresight to wash the sheet last week and the mattress pad was still clean from a few weeks ago.  I set up the bed, and started to put a few things back where they belong.  

It was around 6:00 pm by the time we finished, so we decided to go for ice cream!  We invited K and went off to S-Mall.  The original plan was to go to Baskin Robbins, but F thought it would be too  difficult for his mother to choose one flavour.  I suggested going to Doutor instead.  They have ice cream and desserts and of course coffee!  That’s what we did.  I used my card and got F and K French Toast with Ice cream and I had a coffee float.  I didn’t want a lot of ice cream with my allergies of course.  We had a nice time together. Then I asked if K wanted to do any shopping.  She did, so we hacked around the hundred yen shop.  F was the only person who bought anything! Then, K bought a few groceries at the store downstairs.  

We brought her home and then the two of us went out for our dinner.  We went to MokuMoku and had their pasta dinner.  It wasn’t fabulous, but it was pretty good.  We had a nice time there.

We headed out to the apartment and spent a little time there.  I took a shower and F did a little cleaning.  Tomorrow, I’ll go there and do a whole lot more cleaning! Not really looking forward to it as I’ll be very bored.  Busy, but bored!

We came back to the house via the convenience store for some drinks for me.  I’m constantly dehydrated as I don’t drink enough here.  With summer coming soon I’ll have to be very careful.

So that’s it for today.  F is back to work tomorrow and I have to go back to the apartment to do some last minute cleaning.  Things like the floors and the window touch ups is what I’ll be doing I think.  

Come on back in a while and see what I get up to on Tuesday.  Until tomorrow….


Anonymous said...

Glad the day went well and that you got your bed set up, that is the most important piece of furniture.

Helen said...

Indeed! And I was really smart and insisted that we make the bed before we went out or did anything else. I knew we'd be too tired later on, and we were!