May 30, 2017

Tuesday - Hot and sunny, muggy

A disappointing day.

We got up this morning and left for work, but as we were turning onto the main road, F discovered that he left something behind.  He went around the block and came back to the house.  He went up to our room and found that his mother was up here snooping around.  I wasn’t best pleased when he told me that.  I haven’t seen her since.

F dropped me off at the convenience store nearest our apartment and I walked there.  I took out the garbage and then went into the apartment and tried to take a bit of a nap.  After 9 am I left and went to the local McDonald for a bit of breakfast and wifi.  I also hit up the grocery store for a few things and then came back to the apartment.  

I did get to work finally.  I washed the floor of the bedroom, finished just before F came for lunch.  Guess what the first thing he wanted to do was?  Yes, walk on the wet floor.  Grr.  He told me he came back earlier today and cleaned the floor a bit himself.  Hmm?!  I did notice it looked better, but he didn’t wash it.

After lunch, I redid the living room windows.  They sparkle now so yay.  After a bit of a break, I cleaned some walls in the kitchen.  I was just going to start on the bathroom, when I got a call from F to say that he was coming back. 

When he arrived he didn’t want any tea or coffee, he wanted to go to the hardware store.  I made him load up the car with some bags of garbage and the garbage can that I had just cleaned.  

We went to the hardware store and looked for wallpaper to replace some of the stuff that is damaged in our apartment.  We didn’t find the  right stuff, but we did get some other things for repairs.  We also looked in a hundred yen shop and picked up a few things.  

We had dinner in a Japanese restaurant, Misono tonight. It was fine.  I had pork piccata, F had ramen. He liked his, I liked mine.  

We got a bento for his mother on the way back to the house, although I was all for letting her go hungry for a night.  I didn’t see her when we got back, probably a good thing.  I asked F to set up the TV tonight, but he claimed he was too tired so I missed all the shows that I watch today.  I'm really not happy about that.

And that’s about it.  Tomorrow I am back to the apartment as I have some more cleaning to do.  I’m so excited, can’t you tell? 

Come back later and learn more about my wonderful life, or not.  Until tomorrow….


Kentucky Lady said...

Sounds like the move is winding down. I'm sure you'll be glad to finish all the cleaning!! Do you have plans for teaching or having time away from the house during the day?
Hope all goes well. Laura

Helen said...

I would love to do some teaching but nothing has been set up yet. I thought I had a part-time teaching gig, but it fell through.

I do plan to go over to the nearby park and do some walking. I haven't been active enough lately, so I need to get back into that. And, I'll no doubt ride my bike off somewhere from time to time!

We still have a lot of stuff to move out. We have a lot of boxes that need to go, and cleaning stuff that will naturally go with us. I do have two rooms that are done, so that is a relief to me. We'll have to spend a little more time getting things ready though. I am so over this move!

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!! Snooping. I understand she is curious but it's not on. In my household my in-laws are not allowd into our rooms by order of my husband, i thought it was too strict at first but now I am glad of it. I hope you can have a discussion about it. I hope you can set up a new normal soon. Thinking of you- especially with the seemingly endless cleaning.

Helen said...

Yeah, I was under the impression that she couldn't make it up the stairs anymore, so didn't bother locking the doors. Oh well, at least the part with the bed in it was freshly vacuumed and we'd made the bed that morning, so didn't look a complete tip! I understand it a bit, but snooping really broke my trust and sadly brought back a lot of the bad feelings from the past. Let's hope it doesn't happen again.

Orchid64 said...

I hope the MIL doesn't have a key to your room. :-p

It's funny but in-laws tend to do things which create bad feelings and then blame you for having a bad reaction to what they did... at least that is my experience. I hope yours is better.

Helen said...

There is no key for our door, it isn't that kind of lock. I doubt that she could get in once it is locked however.

Good point about blaming me for the bad reaction, however, I think F was as upset as I was about the whole thing.

This living arrangement isn't something that I wanted at all, so I expect I'll be whining a lot in the near future!