May 4th, 2017

Thursday - Hot and sunny, gorgeous

An okay day.

I’m falling asleep over my keyboard tonight so this’ll be short.  

I didn’t sleep well last night, and did go to Costco today.  F got us up before 9 so the three of us went for breakfast, but K had already eaten.  Instead, we went into MaxValu and got something to eat in the car.  We drove to Yamagata, had lunch and ice creams along the way.  

We went to Costco and I think K was impressed to see it.  We were able to get parking, although we did drive around a bit.  Inside today it was crowded, but not too bad really.  K used the cart to steady herself and went off to parts unknown to her.  She did okay but got bogged down in places.  I picked up some bagels, some lettuce and berries, and a rotisserie chicken for our dinners.  We really didn’t buy that much today.  

F took K to the Hearing Aid centre to see if they could recommend something for her.  They were in there for ages, and I just waited. I should have done more shopping, but probably best that I didn’t!

On the way back to Tsuruoka we stopped for Konnyaku but really made good time back.  At F’s house we unloaded the car, and then I got dinner on the table.  We had the chicken with some salad and bagels, then blackberries for dessert.  Everything went over quite well.  We weren’t sure if K would manage the bagels or not but she ate half of one.  

F and I popped out after dinner to pick up the knives from our apartment and get some freezer bags.  We got them and then came back to the house.  I cut up the chicken and also bagged up the bagels for the freezer.  I love my bagels :-)

We came upstairs then and F promptly fell asleep.  He didn’t sleep well either last night.  Guilty conscience? Should be.  He had another blow up with me at Costco.  He went to get food at the food court, but the seating area was really crowded.  Every time I saw somewhere to sit, it was far away and it was hard to get to.  He was angry that I didn’t go faster to get to the places.  I had an 80 year old woman in tow who isn’t always that steady on her feet.  Give me a break.  I wanted to just leave, but he wanted his hotdog.  After we did find a place he phoned me to find out what I wanted and I told him I didn’t want anything.  I didn’t really.  

Anyway, F and I are planning to go back to Yamagata tomorrow and see a movie.  We’ll have to leave quite early again to get there in time, so I should go to bed now.  There is also the chance that I won’t be back in time to blog so don’t miss me too much if you don’t hear from me! LOL.  

Come back later and catch up with all the scuttlebutt!  Until tomorrow….

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