May 6, 2017

Saturday - Sunny and gorgeous on Friday, cooler and drizzly today.

A good day.

I won’t go into complete details, just know that despite being very angry with each other before our trip, we had a great time this trip.  F and I drove to Yamagata City again and went to see Beauty and the Beast in English.  We loved it.  I really thought it was fun and sweet.  

The rest of the day passed well too.  We checked into our hotel, we went walking all over Yamagata City and didn’t spend very much.  We found a Tully’s and had coffee there, then walked back nearer the station and had dinner.  That was good.  We were in an izakaya.  
A Yamagata native Dragon.  I  think.

Today we spent most of the morning and early afternoon at the Art Museum in Yamagata.  They had an exhibit of Anime that F wanted to see.  I didn’t enjoy it much, but since I drag him out to see what I like, it was only fair.  I did like the permanent collection of artworks.

We stopped to have coffee at the coffee shop.  It used to be a coffee shop, but today had a vending machine.  We chose a sweeter drink as our first drink so wanted a second one afterwards to get the taste out of our mouths.  I paid for the first drink, but when I went to get change, there was extra money in the change part.  I asked the guys that were ahead of me if it was theirs, but they said it wasn’t.  F and I decided to turn it into the front desk after we finished, but then F noticed a woman in the corner and he asked her.  She said the change was hers, so he gave it to her.  I’m not sure if it really was, but probably so!  Anyway, my karma is fine.  

F found us a lovely French restaurant for our late lunch.  I had a crepe with shrimp and asparagus, F had steak. I also got dessert which was a nice treat. I did offer to share with F, but he didn’t want any.  

After lunch, we started home.  F wasn’t doing well, and I wanted to be home before he got too tired.  We made good time, and stopped a couple of places so it was a decent trip back to Tsuruoka.  We had gelato at Cherryland and then saw a water fountain at the Sagae Dam.  Both were great.  
Mine was choco chip & Sakuranbo, F's was wasabi and strawberry milk.  Yum.

Sagae Dam with 5:00 pm water fountain.

When we got back to Tsuruoka, we made a quick detour to the apartment to check it, and then picked up K and went for dinner.  We went to an Udon restaurant and it was quite nice. After that, we just came home.  

I had asked that we go out for coffee tonight, but we didn’t have time. That made me sad.  I would have been happy with conbini coffee too.

Anyway, I’m back, we’re back and we had a lovely time.  You know the drill…if you want, come back next time.  Until tomorrow….

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