May 9, 2017

Tuesday - Muggy and a bit cooler

A good day.

We got up in the morning and got ready to leave the house.  We stopped off at 7-11 for our coffee and F’s breakfast.  The ladies there are now used to the two of us, and tend to just put the cups out on the counter for me to grab while F pays!  I put the creamer and sugar (in F’s case) in the cups before I start the machine brewing.  We have a good little system worked out.  

At the apartment today I had a hard time getting motivated.  I tried to do a few things, but didn’t get much done.  I vacuumed a few boxes out, moved around some boxes, vacuumed a couple of the rooms and just felt a bit blah.  

F came by for an early lunch and then he went off back to work.  I took off for a bit too.  I went to the grocery store by bicycle and got some food for my lunch.  I came back to the apartment and ate.  I watched some of the stock of shows on the DVR today too.  Got caught up on a couple too. Yay me.  

In the afternoon I boxed up a few things in the bathroom and called it a day.  When F said he was coming to the apartment, I changed my clothes again.  

We had dinner at Gusto tonight and it was okay.  I had steak which was also just okay.  F and I made good use of the free wifi.  I really have to try and get the system in the house set up properly.  F ordered a take out meal for his mother, and they brought it when we were finished eating.  It was still warm when he handed it over to her.

We came upstairs when we got to the house.  I spent a lot of time on my computer, but around 10 pm we actually had a real chat about things.  It was nice.  We were just talking about US politics and medical systems, but it was nice.  We don’t chat that much.

F is snoozing away and I’m blogging.  Tomorrow he’s going to go to the doctor and for a change, I’m going to go too.  I’m not sure if I’m going to enjoy this or not.  Here’s hoping! 

Come back later and see what happens on Wednesday.  Until tomorrow…

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