June 1, 2017

Thursday - Muggy and rainy

An okay day.

I got up this morning and we went off in the car.  We were a bit late this morning because I’d seen some of our garbage in the gomi station.  Garbage that wasn’t in the proper bag for pick up.  I told F and we pulled it out.  I wonder how it got there!  K perhaps?  I didn’t do it, F swears he didn’t so that leaves only one person.  Hmm.  

I went to the apartment today with my coffee.  I set up the water pot for later and got out my yoga mat.  I ended up falling asleep after breakfast. I was quite surprised with myself.  

I didn’t do a lot in the apartment today.  I did move many items into the tatami room.  I should be able to do some floor washing in the morning if I can get motivated.  I packed a box today too, so that was good.  

F came by a bit before  6 pm tonight.  He wanted to go shopping so we went to Shimamura.  Since I discovered that I can clothes to fit me, I quite like going there.  I was looking for me and also for my niece.  I didn’t get anything for her, but I did get a couple of tops for myself.  I know I have more clothes than I should, but I really wanted something new.  

F and I had our dinner at Sashimiya and it was okay.  We both had the same thing, tuna on rice.  

We picked up a bento for his mother and a few things for us, then headed back to the house.  

We had a quiet evening in again.  F didn’t set up the TV tonight either. I’m getting rather annoyed with him.  Royal Pains was on tonight and it was the last episode.  I’ve been watching it for 8 years so am not too happy at the moment.  Yes, I know it is a dumb show, but I like it.  It will repeat tomorrow night and hopefully next Thursday so if we get the telly set up by then I can see it.  

Tomorrow I’m off to the apartment again, although I am contemplating taking a break during the day if the weather co-operates.  

Come back a bit later and see what happens on Friday.  Until tomorrow….

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