June 10, 2017

Saturday - Rainy in the early part of the day, clearing later

A good day.

We got up this morning a little before 9 am.  F had been planning to go to the doctor, but he changed his mind.  Instead, we went out for breakfast around 10 am to the mall.  We went to Doutor and had coffee and sandwiches.  Nice.

After that, we tried and failed to buy my train tickets for next month.  We were wondering if there were any specials for my trip to Niigata.  No idea.  We also bought a bento for K as we weren’t planning to eat right away.  We delivered it to her.  It was pouring at the time.

F and I went to the apartment and instead of getting busy, just relaxed.  F wasn’t feeling well at all, poor thing.  Finally, around 1 we decided to go and have lunch.  F suggested the place near the post office so we went there.  I had a veggie stir-fry and F had tonkatsu.  It was fine. Not great, not bad.

We went back to the apartment and this time, I got busy.  I let F have a nap and I did some spot cleaning around the apartment. I finally got the bit above the island that had bothered me, and I prepped a few things for us to bring to the house.

F felt better or needed his medicine later, so we loaded up the car and took it to the house.  We had a bit of a rest and then headed out again.

We bought another bento for K and again, delivered it and some food for us.  Then, we went and had dinner at Kintaro Sushi.  It was nice.  The restaurant was the right amount of busy.  We could get in right away, and the sushi chefs were busy, but still could make stuff for us quickly.  After a few plates of sushi we were on our way.

We went to Machikinema and bought our tickets to see Lion.  We were early (yay!) so I sat in the lobby and knitted for a bit.  Apparently today was World Wide Knit in Public Day, so I did my bit.  I’m working on a hat here.  I did a bit and had fun with it.
Knitting in Public!
We went to see the film and it was great. Both of us enjoyed it a lot.  I was sad that the first 30-40 minutes of the film were in Hindu and Bengali and the subtitles were in Japanese.  However, I think I understood most of what happened, even though I didn’t understand the words.  

Afterwards, I had wanted to talk about the film, but F still wasn’t feeling better, so we went to the house via the convenience store.  

I watched about 20 minutes of TV and then turned off the telly.  F has gone to sleep, and frankly, I think I’ll be going to dreamland too.

Tomorrow F and his mother have an appointment at City Hall.  I suggested he take her to the onsen as well, but if he doesn’t, we should get over to the apartment for a bit.  And, there is an international fair at the Kokusai Mura tomorrow. I’m not sure if we’ll go or not.  We often end up fighting during it and it ends really too early in my opinion.  

Still, that’s it for me.  Come back later and see what happens on Sunday. Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Happy Worldwide Knit in Public Day! The only thing I can knit is my brow, and I did plenty of that today--lol!

Helen said...

LOL! Best laugh today!

Thanks for visiting :-)