June 11, 2017

Sunday - Sunny with a little rain

A good day.

I got to sleep in this morning. Yay!  F had to get up early to take his mother to City Hall, but I wasn’t needed on that trip. I suggested that he take his mother to the onsen too, since she hasn’t gone very far these days.  He did. I got up around 10 and made our bed. I was debating doing laundry, but didn’t, which was a good thing, since he came back very soon after that.  

He wanted to go out because he’d had a bit of a mishap.  His glasses broke.  He might have been able to do a Steve Urkel, but really he couldn’t, so he needed to order new glasses right away.  We drove off to the “megane shop”.  When we got there, the woman suggested just buying new frames and putting the old lenses in them.  Since F is trying to save money, he thought it was a good idea.  He picked frames out, and left the glasses with her, while we found a bank machine.  

When we came back about 15 minutes later, the glasses were already finished and waiting for him.  F paid, I got my glasses cleaned too, and we were off.  Woot!

It was lunch/brunch time so F wanted suggestions of places to go. I suggested Pisolino since we were in their parking lot already.  We went and had a good meal. Although I ate a lot, I don’t think I made a complete pig of myself, and I didn’t feel overly stuffed when I left.  F on the other hand had a huge amount of ice cream, so I’m not sure how he felt.  

We left and went to the apartment.  F did some cleaning and to be honest, ticking me off, but it worked out in the end.  Now, I have this system, I read it in a blog and thought it was quite brilliant.  I keep my bottles of cleaning products in buckets in the rooms they are supposed to be used in.  Why?  Well, they are easily portable, and the buckets are waterproof.  If something inside leaks, the mess stays inside the bucket.  Makes sense, right?  F cannot understand it.  He always wants to put the cleaning products in a cardboard box.  He picks a big box and fills it with bottles of stuff.  Cardboard leaks.  The boxes are big and heavy, so I can’t move them easily.  Two minuses.  Anyway, I had sorted our cleaning products into various buckets a couple of days ago. I had a kitchen one, a general one, and a bathroom one.  He started to put the cleaners in a cardboard box to “help”.  Er, no thanks.  I asked him not to do that and restated the reasons why I don’t put them in a cardboard box.  I am sure he’ll forget again, but at least we didn’t have a war about it today. 

We worked in the apartment for a while.  F cleaned the bath and the top couple of inches of the bathroom that I can’t reach, I did some vacuuming and some more spot cleaning.  

We left the apartment and went looking for a bath cover.  F told me that the one we had in the apartment is broken.  We found one but it was too expensive, but in the second store it was a bit cheaper, so we got that.  Then, we went to Doutor for a bit of wifi.  We went there and had our drinks.  We picked up a bento for K as well, then delivered the bento.  F had asked me what I wanted to do in the evening but I told him the only thing I could think of was go to the Internet Cafe. He thought it was a good idea, so off we went.  

We spent 3 hours there and it was okay.  We both had our dinners there.  I watched some music videos on YouTube. My niece recommended them to me, so thought I’d give them a try.  I liked most of the ones I watched.  F listened to some radio dramas.  I suggested afterwards that he download some podcasts, but I am not sure if he understands what they are.  I’ve been listening to a lot in the apartment while I clean and they’ve been brilliant.  

We came back to the house when our time was up.  F is tired so he’s finally sleeping, I’m still up but will go to bed soon.  

I think this will be our last week at the apartment.  I am cautiously optimistic about this, but don’t want to get too excited about it in case something happens.  

Tomorrow I’m off to the apartment again. Wish me luck!  Until tomorrow….

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