June 16, 2017

Friday - Cloudy, rainy and back to sunny.  

A good day.

We got up a bit later than usual this morning, which was lovely! We had decided last night to go to Gusto for a as-late-as-possible breakfast, since F couldn’t eat after 11 am.  We invited K to come along and she did.  Gusto was fine, I had my usual scrambled egg and bacon & sausage, K had pizza toast and F had what I had, but with fried eggs instead of scrambled.  

After breakfast, I asked that we go to the grocery shop so that I could get something for my lunch.  K bought some groceries for herself too, then F  brought us back to the house.  He and I went out again to run a few errands and then at 11:45 his taxi came and he had to leave.  

I stayed upstairs for most of the time watching telly and tidying up a bit.  I had noticed last night that the first season of Girls was unscrambled on one of the cable channels, so I had set the dvd recorder.  I watched 3 and a half episodes before K called me downstairs.  There’s been some problem with the antenna to her TV.  She doesn’t really watch Satellite TV, so she wasn’t sure about the channels.  I came down and showed her the NHK ones, but I don’t know if she was happy about them.  I grabbed my lunch and after offering to share with her and having it turned down, took it upstairs to eat.  I watched more of Girls and ate lunch.  F was home soon, and seemed fine!  

He wasn’t supposed to drive since he’d had anesthetic so I suggested we walk to the nearest vending machines for some drinks.  He liked the idea and off we went.  It was drizzling, but not bad at all out.  We carried our brollies, but didn’t use them.

Back at the  house, I watched more of Girls and F napped and looked at some of his stuff. He realized that it had to be taken to the hospital and the deadline was today. Oops.  He decided to drive to the hospital. I came with him of course and kept an eye on him, but he was fine.  I think he has a high tolerance of painkillers personally.

He handed in the papers and then I checked the gift shop for some of the sunscreen I bought there a few years ago.  They didn’t have any, but they had some of the old brochures, so I took one of them!

We came home, watched a bit more telly and had a cuddle.  Around 6 pm our sushi that we ordered last night was delivered.  Hurray!

The three of us had a nice meal.  We had ordered a 40 piece set of sushi which came with soup packets for us all.  We made up the soup, and ate the sushi.  It was a big hit with K and really was nice to have a no fuss dinner.  Afterwards, I washed the few dishes there were and had F make space for the wet dishes in the drainer.  

We came upstairs and the two of us watched Sliding Doors which we haven’t watched in ages.  It was on the DVR for at least a year, probably more!  I really liked it, probably and mostly because of the Monty Python quotes and the lovely John Hannah!

F was tired afterwards and he’s been snoozing for a while.  I’m still up having watched my usual Friday night programmes.  I have the DVR set for the rest of Girls season one.  I must say I enjoyed it, but the frank sexuality and amount of nudity was rather surprising for a half hour comedy show. 

Tomorrow we have a few things planned.  I’d like to go to a drugstore and see if I can find the sunscreen I want since F read in the brochure where we can get it, we need to go to the apartment and F will do a little bit of work there, probably me too, and I’m hoping to take in a movie tomorrow night.  There are two new English ones, Moonlight and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.  I’ve heard terrible things about the latter, and only good things about the former, so I’m voting for it! 

Come back later and see what we get up to.  We are winding down the move, we didn’t even go to the apartment today, hurray! Until tomorrow…. 

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