June 17, 2017

Saturday - Sunny but cool

A bit frustrating day…

We slept in this morning, and then F took his mother to get her hair cut.  When they came back, F and I went out for lunch.  K didn’t want to come, she was invited.

We had lunch near the shopping centre Pal and it was fine. I had pasta with mountain vegetables, F had a ramen-type meal.  After lunch, we went to the drugstore nearby and I bought some sunscreen.  It wasn’t cheap, but a couple of years ago it was the only stuff that seemed to work on me, so I was willing to get it again.  

We went to the apartment and F tried to call people to take down our AC unit.  Unfortunately, he’d left it too late and they couldn’t come in our time limit.  He decided to do it himself but needed tools.  We went to his house to pick stuff out, do some printing, and then a little shopping. 

F worked very hard on removing the unit. He consulted a site on the net so had some good advice about it and finally, finally got it done.  It was a big job though.  I cleaned the wall underneath where the AC was, and then of course, F had to re-clean it.  Gah!  Does he have any clue how rude that is?  And no, there wasn’t any difference afterwards.

We’d had lunch early today and dinner was already late, so I was getting annoyed that F wouldn’t stop so we could have dinner.  We also needed to get his mother something so time was running out. We brought her a bento and then went for our dinner.

I suggested going to Coco Ichibanya for curry and F liked the idea.  We both had different dishes, I had soup curry, he had curry with fried fish.  They were fine. I liked mine a lot.  

We went to the theater and went to see Moonlight.  I was prepared to like it a whole lot more than I did.  I think I need to think a little more about it.  The performances were quite good though and the story was interesting.  It wasn’t much fun, however!

After the movie, F and I came to the house via a convenience store where we picked up a few things for tonight.

And that’s about it.  It was a strange day. We spent time at the apartment, but I didn’t do all that much. Tomorrow I think we have to go and do a few more things there, come on back and find out.  Until tomorrow….


Orchid64 said...

For those of us rubber-necking on your life from the sidelines, it'll be interesting to see how you shape your lifestyle over time to deal with living with your mother-in-law. I imagine finding a good balance between being in and out of the house and having privacy will be tricky, but you'll find a way. For me, I always found that taking walks really helps when you're in a situation in which being home isn't as relaxing as you'd like. I don't know how "at home" you feel when you're at your MIL's house, but I imagine it's really difficult.

The reason I mention this now is that I think you're likely winding down on clearing out your old place and cleaning it up after all this time and once that is no longer occupying you, new things will start to happen and how you spend your time will change. I certainly wish you luck!

Helen said...

Yes, I agree, things will not be the same and I doubt that I'll be "allowed" to have as much free time as I want and have had until now. Walking is a good idea, however, summer is here and so is that incredibly strong sun that I need to stay out of. Sigh.

I do not feel at home here and doubt that I ever will. My husband thinks that I am being ridiculous about that, but then again, it is his house and his mother's house and definitely not mine. Not one thing has been done to make me feel welcome here, by either my husband or his mother, so I don't know how they expect me to feel more "at home".

The apartment cleaning and moving is nearly finished and I am not sure what I'm going to do with myself when I'm expected to spend all my time in this horrid house. I may not! I do have a bicycle and can probably get out if desperately need to.

Thanks for commenting.