June 19, 2017

Monday - Sunny and warm

A bit frustrating day.  

Went to the apartment again today, second last time to do that.  We were quiet in the car, didn’t say much to each other.  F dropped me off and I went in. I drank my coffee and decided what to do.  Since I needed to buy my train tickets for next month I thought I’d go and do that and then pick up something for breakfast.  

I got to the station and couldn’t find where to park my bike.  I looked at the sign and it seemed to say that the bike parking was behind the station.  Really?  I duly walked my bike through the underpass but when I got to the other side, there wasn’t anywhere to park my bike.  My car, if I had one, no problem.  My bicycle, nope.  I went back to the front of the station and stuck it somewhere.  I go into the station and fill out a form that was all in Japanese.  I wrote in English, but no worries.  When I got to the counter the clerk told me to come back tomorrow because they can’t book train tickets more than a month early.  ARGH!!!!

I biked to the mall and went to the hundred yen shop. I bought a new hat because mine wouldn’t stay on while I was riding, and a new solar light for the garden and some decaf tea.  I went to the bakery downstairs and bought a few things too, then came back to the apartment and ate.  

F called about 30 minutes later asking if I wanted lunch. I asked for a salad and when he came 15 minutes later he gave me an onion salad with tuna.  It was surprisingly good, but not quite what I had hoped for.  He was friendly on the phone, but not so much in person to me.

After he left, I got busy.  I tidied up some of the island, I put things away, I wiped all the ledges in the mouldings around the room, and where necessary, the bits around the floor too.  I even cleaned some of the toilet room, I cleaned the outside of the toilet that I thought F had done before.  I don’t know if he did any of it though.  

I took a quick shower and then I decided to wash the floors in the bedrooms.  In the second bedroom, I moved the wardrobe out of its corner so I could do underneath it.  

When F called, I was nearly finished.  When he arrived he seemed happy at first, but then turned into grumpy man again.  Instead of saying what a good thing it was that I’d done the floors today, he told me off for not following the grain of the wood.  Which I did for the most part, except around the wardrobe.  

He went and hid in the closet again when I wouldn’t name a restaurant that would make him happy.  Hey, I know there isn’t actually one.  I told him again tonight that I’d really like to go to a restaurant that would make me happy, but there aren’t any Greek or Mexican restaurants in our city.  He doesn’t seem to twig that I very rarely get to eat food that I really love unless I make it and I haven’t been able to do that in months. 

Anyway, I suggested going to the beach with some sandwiches from the store and watching the sunset, he countered with going to see the fireflies.   I was just glad he wasn’t going to make me go to a restaurant so I said okay.  I insisted that we go to a grocery store for food, which we did.  I got some sandwiches and some roast chicken, he got some onigiri.  I also insisted in eating in the car before we went anywhere.  I was damned if I was going to head into the woods with someone who is hangry.  He had actually still wanted to go to a restaurant, but I’m not sure why.

We drove to Yutagawa and to the fireflies area, but didn’t see any at all.  That was sad.  

We drove back to Tsuruoka and his house.  We came upstairs and he was nice for the most part, but fell asleep soon.  I really didn’t mind.  

Tomorrow is the last day of us having the apartment.  I have a lot to do there, lots of cleaning and last minute packing.  I don’t need attitude from my husband, if I get it, I’ll be very unhappy.  

Well, that’s it for me for tonight.  Come back later and see how the last day at the apartment goes.  Until tomorrow….

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