June 2, 2017

Friday - Rainy

A good day.

I got up this morning with F and we left fairly quickly this morning.  It was raining quite hard today.  We both got iced coffees at the convenience store today.  I got some yogurt too.  F was nice enough to drop me off right outside the apartment today.  That’s where I spent most of the day.

In the morning I drank my coffee, then some tea and breakfast and then…yes, I fell asleep.  My yoga mat is surprisingly comfortable.  It was cold in the apartment and very quiet so it was easy to do.  

I got up and worked more on clearing the living room.  I got it close and F called and then came back to the apartment.  He came bearing bentos so I stopped and ate with him.  

After he left for work I dawdled for a bit, but then got busy.  I finished clearing the living room, then cleared off our coffee table. We’ll have to say goodbye to it as the spring function doesn’t work anymore…it is an adjustable table but the mechanism likes to spring up whenever it wants.  I rolled it out of the living room and then got my bucket of hot soapy water.  I washed the hallway and then the part of the living room that I had cleared.  I may have to do it all again, but I don’t really mind.  It looked much better.

I took a shower round 5 pm and F came back to the apartment before 6 pm.  We had some coffee and then went out for dinner.

We went to Gusto again because I wanted to use wifi.  I was surprised that F suggested it, but happy too.  I like Gusto! F had a noodle dish, I had a burger with avocado and salad, and we shared some French Fries. Over dinner, F said that he’d set up the TV tonight.  Yay!! We even ordered K a bento from the restaurant. It would be hot and freshly made for her, so that would be more pleasant we thought.

We came to the house and F was as good as his word.  He set up the TV and DVR.  However, he didn’t bring over some of the wires he needed, so it’s a bit jury-rigged for now.  I was able to watch a couple of episodes of Bates Motel, so that was good. I did a bit of knitting while I watched and even switched the needles in my project.  Whew!

It is quite cold tonight, I’m sitting here with a warm fleece vest on, thinking about putting a quilt on top of my bed too.  

Tomorrow, F will go to his doctor, we hope to work on the apartment for a bit, we have to take out the washing machine, the table I mentioned and a couple of other things too.  I also hope to take in a movie tomorrow evening as it has finally arrived in Japan.  I want to see a certain X-Man who I’ve been crazy about for years!  I’ve heard this is a good film so I’m looking forward to it.  

I’m so glad to have TV again.  Even though I don’t really have a lot of time to watch it at the moment, just having a window into other places is so nice.  

That’s it for me.  Come back later and see what I get up to on Saturday. Until tomorrow….

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