June 20, 2017

Tuesday - Hot and Sunny

A busy day.

I went to the apartment this morning as usual and got busy.  Instead of waiting until after breakfast to start, I washed the living room and kitchen floors, then went out for my breakfast.  I biked to McDonald and had breakfast there and used their lovely free wifi.  After that, I zoomed over to the grocery store and bought my lunch and a few things to have later on.  

I came back to the apartment.  The floor was only wet in a few patches and looked pretty darn good.  I moved some things around and got ready to do more cleaning.  F came by for his lunch.  He did offer to bring me something, but since I had taken care of that earlier, I turned him down.  I did start eating when he was there.  He was called by his work during his lunch, he had to go and pick someone up.  Oops.  He rushed off, I finished lunch and got back to work.  During the next few hours I cleaned the toilet on the outside, washed the floors in the bathroom, genkan, toilet room and hallway, cleared off the island, packed up the rest of the dishes, cleaned the bath, took down the curtains and folded them up and just generally got on with it.  F was rather surprised when he showed up. Late.  He’d had to work late tonight, so not really his fault, just the wrong night to do it.  

He loaded up the car with stuff and took it to his house.  While he did that, I got the next load ready, did a final clean of the toilet and then the bathroom sink.  F loaded up the car again, this time with a bit of my help.  He was a bit of a pain through the whole process.  I had a small basket filled with my toiletries, things that I needed later on.  He put them in a box with cleaning goods and then tried to put a bag of coffee and tea in on top.  I am afraid that I rather got annoyed at that!  I told him that I had to have my basket later on, as I was going to take a shower at his house.  

I had carefully kept a garbage bag in the apartment and didn’t seal it to go out because I knew there would be last minute things to go out in the garbage.  He very carefully took it out to the car.  He did get it for me, but honestly!  At one point, he tried to put my shoes in a box.  Did he not think I might need to wear them later on?

Anyhow, it got done, F changed the lock combo, and we did a quick check that everything was out. It was.  Sigh. I am going to miss that place. It was fairly modern and so convenient for stores, the station, and decent restaurants.  

We went for dinner to ….Gusto.  Yeah, the place we’d been fighting about before.  It was fine really.  It had drink bar, which I desperately needed, and we had coupons to make our meal even more reasonable.  I liked my food, F said his was okay, but I think he didn’t like it much.

We came back to the house via the grocery store to get his mother something.  We picked up some drinks too.  I watched a bit of TV and after F took his, I took a shower.  

That was about it.  Tomorrow I’m going to head over to Sakata to visit a friend and probably have lunch, then who knows.  

I’m quite tired now, so I think I’ll go to bed in a minute or two and get some sleep.  Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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