June 23, 2017

Friday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I woke up with F and said goodbye, then snoozed a little longer.  I was up around 8 am however so that I could watch the news in English.  I really wanted to go back to bed and take a nap, but I never did.

I spent most of the day on my computer working on my column. I got quite a bit done, about half of it I think.  I also brought in my laundry and made my lunch.  I had planned to make lunch for K too if she wanted, but she napped a lot of the day, so I didn’t see much of her.  I caught up with some of the stuff on the DVR as well, and then F called me around 4 pm.  He’d taken a bit of time off work.  He needed to run some errands and was on his way to the house.  

He needed to go back to the doctor’s clinic to check on the procedure done last week.  He invited me to come along.  I quickly changed and then came along.  I brought my knitting along and while he was being seen to in the clinic, I did some. It was relaxing.  

We followed that up with a trip to the car dealership where they tried to fix the GPS in the car.  They didn’t manage, but since it is still under warranty, or F is a good customer or whatever, they are going to fix it next week.  Yay.

We got K a bento for her dinner and delivered it, and then the two of us went to the Internet Cafe for 3 hours.  We had dinner there too. I watched some regular TV and then watched a bit of YouTube which was rather fun.  

We left almost at our time limit and came back to the house.  I’ve been watching Twin Peaks and checking out the internet, F has just turned in for the evening.  

Tomorrow we have a few things planned, but nothing major really.  I hope to go and see a movie tomorrow night, and maybe do a little shopping during the day.  Wish me luck with that!  Come back later and see what happens.  Until tomorrow….


Marta said...

I hope your day tomorrow will be as good and happy! And I love Twin Peaks- one of my favorites in the "a little weird" movie category, ha ha...

Helen said...

Thank you! I do too.

I had to stop after the second Twin Peaks episode, it was after 1 in the morning and even I have to sleep sometimes! It's so weird, but so good :-)

Sights and Sounds said...

It's very hot here in Europe as well at the moment, 35 degrees centigrade max.

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Helen said...

I've heard about the heat in Europe at the moment. I hope it cools down for you soon.

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