June 27, 2017

Tuesday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I woke up with F this morning, but I didn’t get up!  I went back to sleep after he left which is the first time I’ve done that for a while.  After 9 am I went downstairs and had breakfast with K.  

I came back upstairs and got a load of laundry ready to wash, then took it downstairs.  I worked on some of my computer stuff and also finished my column.  I got it ready to send off to the Journal editor. 

I went downstairs and made lunch for K and I. It was another simple one. I had a bagel with ham slices, K had soft bread with ham slices and mayo.  We both had some soup and salad on the sides.  She seemed quite happy to have lunch and even did the dishes afterwards for us.  Woot.  

In the afternoon I did a couple of postcrossings.  I did one a couple of weeks ago, but it is going to Russia, so I worry it’ll take forever to get there.  The cards I sent today are going to the US and Germany, so there’s a chance they’ll arrive soon.  I also wrote a birthday card for a friend and stamped it.  I decided to go out exploring.  I took my postcards and envelope to the nearest post office, dropped them in the mail box and took a quick tour of the post office.  Sadly, the nearest one is actually not a full service post office and I won’t be able to send international packages from there I think.  Darn. 

I did a little exploring of the area on my bike. I was quite pleased to see that I’m not as far from some things as I thought I was.  Still too far from the station and the movie theater though. I discovered another convenience store so I bought an iced coffee and a snack there and ate and drank in their seat section.  I didn’t stay long, but it was nice to be out of the house alone.

I rode back to the house and went upstairs.  I did some of my crochet, got 3 or 4 rows done while I watched an odd Sandra Bullock movie.  I didn’t finish watching it as F came back from work and we went out.  

We drove around for a while and then went to the older udon shop he likes. It was good tonight, we both had the same thing, udon with some tempura.  We shared a caesar salad too.  

After our dinner, we went to Gusto for dessert and wifi.  It was nice to have it again! Wifi I mean, although dessert was okay too.  We picked up dinner for K there and then made a quick trip to the local Homac for some tape for me.  

We came back to the house and then F and I went for a walk.  It was a lovely evening and it was a good idea.  We went for about a mile.  Neither of us was in tip top condition, so for a first night, a mile was a good distance.  

F took his shower, and then I did.  And that’s about it for the night. I did a little more crochet, I’m about 15 rows in and the blanket is looking great.  I watched a little TV and next I’m off to bed.  

I won’t be at the house all day tomorrow. I’m going to have lunch with a friend and then I’ll go back to the mall and wait for F.  It’s a small mall, so I’m sure I’ll like it when he picks me up afterwards!  

And that was my day. It was quite good.  Come back later and see how my Wednesday turns out!  Until tomorrow….


Kentucky Lady said...

Happy to hear that you can bike around the neighborhood. It's good to get out for awhile. Sounds like everything is going ok. Does his Mom go out with other people? Would love to see pic of your blanket project. Take care.

Helen said...

It is good to get out, I need to do more of that. His mother doesn't go out very much. She's not very social outside family.

Will try to post a picture soon! Thanks for writing today :-)

Anonymous said...

I also enjoy the seated section if the combeeni for a change of scenery sometimes. Glad you found one close and that things are going well.

Helen said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who uses those to hang out in! Things are going okay for now!

Thanks for visiting!