June 29, 2017

Thursday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning and got dressed and watched the news. I went downstairs and gave K her breakfast and ate mine with her.  It was nice and companionable.  

After breakfast I tried to find something that F wanted, and found it in the second box I opened so that was good.  One of the benefits of properly labelling the outsides of the box!

When I went back upstairs I found a message from my friend in the next city wondering if I was free for lunch.  I was actually so sent her back my acceptance note and gave her directions to the house too.  I told K I was going out and she was fine with it.

I got ready to go out and then came downstairs and waited for my friend.  She was a little late, but it wasn’t a big deal.  I introduced her to K and then we went off.  We  had lunch in a restaurant in Ginza Dori and it was nice.  We needed a quiet place that wouldn’t freak if we brought a baby and it was great!  The baby in question was very quiet, so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. 
When we finished lunch we walked around the area a little and looked at buildings and architecture. We found a few surprises and it was a nice walk.

We finished up by going to the new tourist attraction near the station.  Technically it opens on July 1st and shouldn’t have been open today, but they were!  We were able to walk around the stores and we could have bought a few things if we wanted.  Sadly, it became time for my friend to leave and she took the elevator to the parkade.  

I went over the road to get a drink from the vending machines outside the building, and then found myself using the lovely re-modeled public washroom in the hotel’s building.  From there, I walked to my hairdresser’s and was able to get a haircut.  Hurray!

I took my shorn locks to the mall and had a quick hack of the hundred yen shop. I didn’t buy anything today.  Then, I went down to Doutor and had an iced coffee and used the wifi for a while.  

F called me a bit late today, so I told him where I was and suggested he join me.  He did!  We had our drinks and then decided on dinner.  I suggested going to an Indian restaurant which wasn’t F’s first idea, but he said it was okay.

We went to the restaurant and I had a great meal.  F didn’t like his as much, but I still think it was good.  I had chicken curry, naan, tandoori chicken and salad…that kind of thing.  It was good.  

We picked up a bento for K and came back to the house with it.  And that was basically that.  I watched a bit of TV, did some crochet and now I’m blogging.  

Tomorrow I’m not sure what I’ll get up to. There’s a faint chance I won’t write, but I most likely will.  Please check back later and see what I get up to!  Until tomorrow….

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