June 3, 2017

Saturday - Rainy

A good day.

We got up at a reasonable time this morning.  F didn’t go to the doctor so we waited for a package to arrive.  After it came, we took K and went out for breakfast.  That was nice.

We dropped her off at the house and then went to the apartment to pick up a few things.  We tried to take some stuff to the recycling centre, but they wouldn’t take it all.  We got rid of a table with a broken spring, and a frame from a chair, but couldn’t give them my old washing machine or an old suitcase.  

We took them to F’s house and left them there.  The two of us went to the mall.  F wanted to have a massage so he checked with the place while I had a look around.  He had to make an appointment, so came back to the mall for a while.  We had a drink in Doutor, walked around a little and then he went for ramen!  Finally he left and I had my lunch.  I went to Pizza Hut and it was fine. 

I looked around the mall a little, but didn’t buy too much.  I got some stuff at the hundred yen shop, and that was about it.  F came back to the mall and as I was going to meet him, I saw the husband of a friend of mine.  He didn’t see me.  After F met me, we saw my friend too, but it looked like it was family time and we had plans of our own too, so off we went.

We got K a bento at the drugstore, along with some stuff for us.  We dropped off the bento and then headed over to Mikawa Mall.  When we first arrived, I suggested going to the hardware shop where I found a handle for my little teapot.  Hurray!!  F got a cable for the TV and then we dropped our stuff in the car.

We went into the mall and did a little window shopping.  We checked out the new doughnuts at Mr Donut and had one each to try them.  We had some coffee too.  

I briefly looked at clothes for my niece upstairs, but since sizes are unknown to me, didn’t get anything.  We went and got our tickets to Logan and then had dinner.  We had bibinbas and they were nice.  

We went to see the movie and it was great.  It finished off the story of the Wolverine in a really respectful and thoughtful way.  It was an excellent film and we really enjoyed it.

We came back to Tsuruoka and bought a few munchies and drinks in the convenience store, then came back to the house.  It is freezing in our room up here…well, around 20 now, but before it was only 16 degrees.  I’m wearing a sweater in bed…something I never do. 

No idea what is scheduled tomorrow.  You’ll just have to come back later and find out!  Until tomorrow….

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