June 8, 2017

Thursday - Rainy and muggy

A busy day.

This morning I did all the things I’ve been doing lately and got to the apartment on time.  I had breakfast and tea and then decided to shake a leg for a change in the morning and cleaned the kitchen walls.  There were a few bad spots and I got them clean.  

I was starting to clear things away for F’s visit home for lunch when he called me.  He told me that the car dealership had taken the car away to change its tyres, so he couldn’t come back to the apartment for lunch.  He apologized a lot, but really it was fine.  

I decided that I would go out for lunch and decided to try the mall.  I would see if the pasta restaurant there had their special, since it is usually good.  I went there by bike and made good time.  When I got to the restaurant I didn’t see the signboard outside for the special, but decided to try anyway.  Well, today there wasn’t the lunch special, but I ordered some food off the menu and it was fine.  I had tuna and mushroom cream pasta. Yum. I paid and then walked around the mall a little.  

I knew that bad weather was forecast and I didn’t really want to spend any more money, so I decided to pack it in and go back to the apartment.  I thought that if it was raining outside I’d come back in the mall and have some tea.  However, I got outside and it wasn’t raining much. 

I unlocked my bike and set off and of course it started to rain rather hard.  I got quite wet! By the time I got back to the apartment my jeans were damp and my jacket had changed colour.  I put on my “work” clothes and hung up my wet clothes to dry.  

I went back to work fairly soon and scrubbed the genkan.  I got it fairly clean, but there’s a big red stain on the floor that is coming off, but doesn’t seem to be getting much better.  I also cleaned the bit in the bathroom where the washing machine used to be, then tackled some of the stains in the bathroom.  

I stopped to have a quick drink and F called to say he was on his way back to the apartment.  When he arrived I showed him where I had accidentally ripped off some of the wallpaper, so he fixed it.  It was quite involved, but he did a good job. While he did that, I dusted the tops of the doors and the door jambs.  I gave him some tea later and then we left for dinner.

We went to Gusto because I wanted more free wifi and it was close and cheap. However, after we had parked, F remembered he needed to run another errand, so we did that and then went back to the restaurant. 

The waiter in Gusto gave us a horrible table near the smoking section.  It was small too, and we weren’t too happy.  When F’s dish came, it was in one of the metal hot plates that they use, and the waiter brushed it up against F’s hand.  It was an accident, but he didn’t seem to notice.  F was quite upset and spent half of the meal writing a complaint on a napkin.  At the end of the meal he handed it to the waiter with the bill.  

We came back to the house and had a quiet evening.  I watched some TV and did a load of laundry.  I know that F feels at home because this is his house after all, but I very much do NOT feel at home.  I don’t know where anything is, and my stuff is still in boxes everywhere.  I’m hoping to begin cooking again soon, but I don’t know where my kitchen goods are!  I remind myself that it will take time, but this isn’t my home. 

Anyway, I have to get going.  Tomorrow I’m back to the apartment.  I think I’ll probably work on the bathroom tomorrow and also on getting the last of my stuff out of the apartment.  F and I are planning to finish getting the stuff out of the apartment this weekend and I am hoping that we will finally be out next week.  Fingers crossed!  Come back later for the latest.  Until tomorrow….

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