June 9, 2017

Friday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

I got up this morning with F and we went off on our way.  He dropped me off at the apartment and then went to work.  I walked to the apartment and went in.  I’m afraid that I didn’t get to work.  I sat and dozed in my chair, and then after a while I got out my yoga mat and had a nap.  Oh dear.  

F came with bentos for us and it was nice to see him.  I wasn’t lonely or bored as I was listening to podcasts, but it was nice to get an answer from a person.  

After he left I did do a few things like dishes and then some edges and tops of doors.  I scrubbed the genkan again. I didn’t get the stain out sad to say, but it looks quite clean apart from that.  

I cleaned a couple of spots in the shower and then decided to call it a day. I think that F and I will be back tomorrow to do more.  I took a shower and dressed in my out of apartment clothes.

F was parched when he came today, so I made us coffee and we had some snacks.  After a bit, we went to Cocos for dinner.  F had cold noodles and I had the brined chicken.  Sadly, they don’t have my chicken with yogurt sauce anymore.  

We picked up some sushi for K and some snacks for us, then went back to the house.  F was basically comatose within 5 minutes.  I had told him when we left the apartment that 8pm was much too early for me to go to bed.  I didn’t.  I watched some telly and did a little internet stuff.  

I’m not completely sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow. I am hoping that we’ll see a movie in the evening, and perhaps work on the apartment.  Come back later and find out what we do.  Until tomorrow….

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