May 31, 2017

Wednesday - Sunny, then muggy and rainy

A good day.

I got up this morning, got dressed and even said hello to K when I left this morning, but made sure I locked the door to our room before I left. Fool me twice and all that.

F dropped me and my iced coffee off at the end of the driveway and I walked in to the apartment where I spent the rest of the day.  I had bought yogurt at the convenience store so I was able to have my cereal.  I didn’t get to work for quite a while. I just wasn’t feeling it. Finally, I got to emptying the spare bedroom, sweeping the floor and vacuuming too. 

F called to say he was coming for lunch and did I want a bento too?  Well, yes, please.  He came by and we had lunch together.  He had brought a Korean spicy rice dish and a grilled pork on rice bento.  I had the latter, but I gave him some of my pork and he gave me some of his spicy soup.  Yum.

He left and after I finished my lunch time, I washed the floor.  I got the bedroom done, and then did a bit of the kitchen and the genkan too.  After another break, I went into the bathroom sink area and washed the walls where the washing machine was, and also did the bathroom cabinet below the sink.  I was surprised how much dust there was there!

By then, F was finished work I thought, so I took I quick shower and he came by just as I was finishing up.  I gave him some tea and he did his bit in the apartment by repairing some of the wallpaper in the kitchen.  

Tonight we had a pretty good dinner at Gusto.  We shared a nama ham salad and cheese French Fries, and I had a spicy chicken dinner, he had a cheese in hamburger thing.  The best thing was he had demi-glace sauce with his burger, so he let me dip a cheese fry in it…it wasn’t quite a poutine, but actually wasn’t bad!  We used a lot of coupons for tonight’s dinner, so it came out at just a tad over 2000 yen, so quite good really.  

We stopped at the grocery store to get K a bento and then came back to the house.  Since F was too tired AGAIN to set up the TV, I cleared some space around my desk so that I can eventually use my computer there.  I also scanned an article that I had promised one of my groups that I would. I was surprised how long it was!  After F went to bed, I formatted it and then uploaded it. It seems to work.  Yay.

I had hoped that we would be done with this apartment crap by now, but we aren’t. I have two empty and clean rooms now, the kitchen is clean, and most of the walls are done in the apartment.  The biggest thing in my mind now is to get the rest of the stuff out.  It is mostly boxes.  For a while, F kept bringing more boxes and then put one or two little things in them.  That doesn’t help much!  I’m consolidating stuff in one room, so that I can hopefully clean the others.  

Tomorrow I might go out if the weather is okay. I’m frankly a bit tired of staying there all the time.  I did listen to a few podcasts today on my iPhone and that was really great.  I’m so glad I thought of it. I have a friend that always listens to internet radio…my podcasts were very entertaining.  Great to clean to! 

Come back in a bit and find out what happens on Thursday!  Until tomorrow….

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