July 1, 2017

Saturday - Hot and muggy, rainy at night

Happy Canada Day!!!  

I got up this morning after F and his mother had left for the onsen.  I did a chore that I’d been putting off and checked my email and such. No big deal.  

F and I went out for breakfast and stayed a long time in the restaurant!  Afterwards, we went to a grocery store and got K food for her lunch.  We delivered it and went out again.  

We did a lot of running around this afternoon.  We went to an electronics store, my usual craft store, had coffee and fruit tart and even had a late sushi lunch.  It was all rather fun.  We didn’t have proper plans for today.  F kept wanting to have lunch, even though we ate just a little bit before his usual lunch time.  Neither of us was hungry, so I don’t know why he was on about food. We finished the afternoon with a visit to the Chido Museum to see some katana.  
Yummy tarts.  Mine was blueberry and fig, F's was strawberries and condensed milk.

We went to F’s house to veg and check on his mother.  I had a book delivery during the day…I had asked a woman in my group to send me a book…she did, but to my old address. We had to ask the company to deliver it to me at the new address.  

We came upstairs to our room for a while.  I took down a jigsaw puzzle that was falling out of the frame and F spent some time putting the pieces back in place.  I came over and helped him so it got done quickly.  There are two pieces still missing, I do hope we find them.  

We went to the grocery store again for K’s meal, then we went for ours.  I had suggested going to a gyudon shop.  We did and both had the bibinba low carb noodle dish.  I liked it, F I’m not so sure about!

Tonight’s movie was Arrival and I loved it.  It was really good, a bit weird and spacey, but definitely interesting.  It was directed by a Canadian, so felt that today was a good time to see the film.  

We came home and watched a bit of the new Twin Peaks.  I did a little crochet too. Now, F has gone to bed as he is quite tired.  I’m going there soon too.  It is so hot and humid today.  Bleck.  

Tomorrow I have no idea what we’ll get up to.  Come on back and find out!  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Happy Canada Day! What is the traditional Canada Day celebration? I don't imagine it's like Americans celebrate Independence day, with fireworks and barbecues!

Helen said...

We all sit around our igloos and eat bear that we hunted and then cured for 6 weeks. Just kidding....actually we are pretty similar to the US, watch fireworks and have barbeques. Unless things have changed, we need a license to set off fireworks, so it is traditional to go and watch them somewhere.

Have a good Independence Day!

Orchid64 said...

What you're saying is that idiots aren't blowing body parts off because fireworks are more regulated there? Why do you have socialized medicine if you don't have the opportunity to use it more fully by allowing the less intellectually gifted a chance to destroy themselves? ;-)

You've mentioned the heat and humidity a few times. Is there no air conditioning in your new space? I could not live in Japan without AC as it is just too muggy sometimes. With climate change, I hope you can get something installed if there isn't something already there!

Helen said...

Hi Orchid64! When I first read your comment I thought you were angry with me, took me a second to realize you weren't! I hope people aren't blowing off body parts in either country!

We do have air conditioning in our room, and downstairs in the living room. However, K is quite ketchy and running the air con is expensive! Also, I like to try and adapt a little to the heat. It's only the start of July, if I start running the AC now, I'll never adapt and it'll be expensive! I have a fan going and that helps a lot to keep the air moving around me.

It's a bit less humid here...I'm from a landlocked area of Canada, so any humidity is too much, but it probably isn't as bad here as Tokyo was for you.

Thanks for commenting!