July 10, 2017

Monday - Hot…so hot…and sunny!

A good day!

I got up this morning early and turned on the fan, it was that hot.  F went off to work and I stayed in bed a little longer.  After my new programmes I took another nap and then went down for breakfast.  I had breakfast with K this morning.  She was lucky to be downstairs. It wasn’t nearly as warm downstairs.

After breakfast, I came back upstairs, did a few things on my computer and then watched a little TV.  K didn’t want lunch when I went down, so I made it for myself and then washed up and also washed my slow cooker.  I’m planning to use it tomorrow.

Around 3 pm I decided to go out. I was so hot and a bit headachy because I hadn’t had any caffeine yet today.  I was going to say goodbye to K, but she was sleeping, so I just left.  I biked off to a place near city hall and had an iced coffee.  After that, I biked along Ginza street and then came back to the house.  On the way I stopped at a bakery and got myself something and something for K as well.

I came back to the house, left the bun for K and then came back upstairs.  I sat with the fan on me as I watched a bit of TV.

When F came to the house, we talked about dinner and decided that we’d like some cold udon. He suggested Nagomi, so we even invited his mother along with us.  We went and had a lovely dinner.  They were quite busy, so we had to wait a while, but it was good anyway.  

After dinner, we dropped K back at the house and then F and I went to McDonald to get some free wifi.  I couldn’t connect though, not sure why. He could!  We went to the grocery store too and got ourselves some groceries and drinks.  I have decided to make bread pudding tomorrow in my slow cooker, since there is a lot of leftover bread to use up.  I’ve been freezing it, so it is okay to use.  

We came back to the house and F took his shower first and then I did too.  I watched a couple of TV shows, including Project Runway which was really good…final 4.

Tomorrow I’m planning to make the bread pudding and I might do some laundry or something else, it just depends on what is happening and how hot it is.  

Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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