July 13, 2017

Thursday - Hot and a little muggy

A good day.  

I had my usual morning…a little bit of news from the world, a little bit of telly, a little bit of cereal and yogurt and then a whole lot of laundry!  I did three loads of it today.  

 I had a nice lunch but K didn’t join me today.  I decided that I’d eat upstairs then. I gave her something to drink as I worry a little that she isn’t drinking enough in this heat.  Anyway, I had a very quiet afternoon.  I mostly stayed upstairs and on my computer. I watched a little telly, and finished up the second SATC movie, which really was terrible. I also watched an episode of Reign. I enjoyed that.  Megan Follows does a mean queen.  

I did do a bit of crochet in the afternoon, not enough really, but at least I did a bit.  Yay me.  

F was quite late tonight as he had to go to Sakata for work. It couldn’t be helped.  When he came back, we took his mother to the Temple as it is Obon in Tsuruoka today.  They cleaned the headstone, put some flowers out and said a quiet prayer.  We went for dinner to the udon place I like tonight and had tempura and cold udon and also a spicy cabbage salad.  I wasn’t sure if K would like it, but she did.  Hurray.

We took her to the grocery shop and then back to the house.  F and I went on the elusive trail of free Wifi and ice cream.  We ended up at McDonald.  It was fine actually, except he sat in a really cold draught and it didn’t do his back good.  We swapped places after a while and I couldn’t hack it.  He should have asked to move earlier.  

We bought a few drinks at the grocery store and then came back to the house.  I booked us a hotel for tomorrow night, so the two of us are going to run away for an evening and maybe do a little shopping in Costco if we have the chance!

We both took showers and even though it is quite late, F is still awake.  I need to make him sleep soon!  And I will be going out with him in the morning too.  Although my friend has cancelled for tomorrow, I had already told K that I was having lunch with a friend.  I think I’ll go and hang out at the Internet Cafe and be cool for a while!  

Come back in a couple of days and see how my exciting trip was!  Until tomorrow’s tomorrow….

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