July 15, 2017

Saturday - Hot and mostly sunny, muggy

A good couple of days!

Friday was a good, but busy sort of day.  I left the house with F in the morning.  My friend in the next city was having car trouble so I volunteered to go and visit her, so went out to the Internet Cafe for a bit.  Around 10:30 I left, went to the train station and then caught a train to Sakata.  We had lunch at Starbucks and then we went shopping.  I was able to help take care of her baby while she did a little shopping.  

She dropped me off at the train station again in time for my train back to Tsuruoka.  When I got off the train I explored the new fancy tourist area, had a coffee and then walked to the mall.  In the mall, I wandered around a bit and then went to Doutor and had an iced tea.  F called to say he’d be late and I didn’t see him until 6:45-ish. He asked me to buy some food for his mother, which I tried to do!  I bumped into F’s sister and her husband in the grocery store so there was a bit of a family reunion when F showed up.  

F and I got a lot of food for K and then took it back to the house.  We got ready to go out on our trip.  We drove to Yamagata and stayed in a pretty decent hotel.  We went out for dinner, ended up in a bar which had great food and okay drinks.  After a bit we went back to the hotel and basically fell asleep.

This morning, we got up and had breakfast at the hotel.  It was nice.  We checked out at 10:00 am and drove to Costco and did a lot of shopping there.  We did different things there than usual though.  I didn’t buy bagels, no roast chicken either.  Just didn’t know when I would be able to eat them.  We did get a Ukrainian Sausage from Edmonton (yay!), but not the perogies that I wanted.  The box was huge and it would never fit in our freezer.  I didn’t get avocados as they were much too soft. I got some cereal, some blueberries, and a few things to make having lunch with K a little easier.  

We put the stuff in the car and then had lunch there.  We both had a hotdog and drink, plus a black cherry sundae.  That was rather yum.  We left and drove to the nearest mall.  F was looking for shirts for work.  We got some in Aeon, and also got some underwear and socks.  We picked up some small things in Kaldi and then had a cold drink. 

We started out on the way home.  I was getting hungry.  Lunch was 4-5 hours ago, but F wasn’t hungry and didn’t even think about stopping for food.  We stopped in Cherryland to get souvenirs for his family, but they closed soon afterwards.  No food for us.  The next roadside stop closed as soon as we got there. Sigh. No food. This was now about 5 hours after lunch and I needed food, but F wasn’t hungry.  I told him that I’d get something at the next convenience store, which turned out to be almost in Tsuruoka.  Gah.  I had sandwiches and an onigiri.  He had an onigiri.

When we got to the house, K had already gone to bed.  It was just after 7 pm.  Sigh.  We unloaded the car and put things away.  F and I went out to Gusto to have dinner and get some wifi.  I was quite unhappy about the house situation.  K had come into our rooms and closed the windows on Friday, so it was incredibly hot in our rooms.  I told F that I really didn’t think I could survive in his house in summer. He told me to use the air conditioner.  Summer is horrid, but winter is going to be just as bad, in the opposite direction.  March just about killed me, it was so cold up here. 

When we came back from dinner, I watched Sherlock and did some crochet.  Another band of colour finished. Yay.  It’s getting a bit too hot to crochet. 

That’s about it for today.  This is a long weekend in Japan, not sure what we’ll get up to for the rest of it.  I’m also off to Niigata next week, so I have to prepare for that soon too.  

Come back later and find out what happens on Sunday!  Until tomorrow….

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