July 17, 2017

Monday -  Hot but overcast

A good day.

This morning we slept in quite late, which was lovely.  We don’t get the chance to do that these days.  Around 10 we went downstairs and I washed some of the blueberries and put out some cereal and milk or yogurt for all of us.  We all got our bowl topped with blueberries, which was a lovely treat.  

After I did the dishes, F and I went for a walk.  We went to the local shrine where we said a prayer for my relative that just died.  Since I couldn’t go to the funeral, that and the little tribute I wrote to her on Facebook are the next best thing really.  

F and I walked a little further, then came back with some drinks from a vending machine.  We decided to go to Hyakkenbori for lunch, and to take F’s mother with us.  We changed our clothes a little and then drove over.  They were a bit busy, so we had to sit outside for a change.  F and I had the same thing, the Hana Noodle dish which I loved, and he didn’t. K had the lunch special which was sashimi.  She liked it a lot.  

We took K for a quick grocery trip and then dropped her back at the house.  F and I went off to Mikawa to buy him some jeans.

When we got to the mall, we went to Seattle’s Best Coffee for a chocomint java kula, but the one we got didn’t seem to have any mint in it.  And to make it worse, F had put cinnamon on top of both of them, because he was trying to be nice.  It didn’t really work.  All I could taste was cinnamon.  

We walked along the mall and went to a clothing store and found F a pair of jeans.  He wanted a pair of Japanese ones, but I didn’t like the way they fitted.  I got him to try on a pair of Wranglers and he ended up getting those. I hope I didn’t make a bad suggestion to him!  He had some time to wait until the jeans were ready as they were being shortened, so we hacked the craft shop and then looked at the ladies clothing department.  Despite swearing that I didn’t need anything, I ended up getting a nice summer shirt.  It’s a light blue and white striped shirt, supposed to be cool biz or something.  
We picked up F’s jeans and then had a cup of coffee at Mr. Donut.  We ended up having two cups of coffee and had a brief chat with the guy that used to run the Egyptian restaurant in town.  

We were mostly done in the mall, so I suggested a quick trip around Don Quihote.  It is never a quick trip though.  We bought a few things, but kept it low cost and simple.  

F wanted dinner after shopping and asked for okonomiyaki.  It was fine with me.  We went to the shop and had a good time.  We got a table this time, rather than a floor table and then ate a couple of kinds of food.  We also had some potatoes which were very good.  

We picked up a few groceries and dinner for K at the store in the mall, and then drove back to Tsuruoka.  We were close to the city when K phoned us to see where we were.  

When we got back, F gave his mother the food, I put some of the stuff away, and then came upstairs.  I watched a little TV and did a little crochet.  

Tomorrow I have to get ready for my trip.  I need to do laundry and pack my suitcase, get to the bank if I can, and perhaps find time to do a postcrossing?! Wish me luck with that.

Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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