July 19, 2017

Wednesday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning and did my usual things. I watched the news, went downstairs and had breakfast with K, then came back upstairs.  Oh, before breakfast I grabbed my dry laundry from the garage and brought it back.  After breakfast today I did some vacuuming.  I’ve been meaning to do it for a while.  I just did the stairs and a bit of the room up here, but it looks better.  Yay me.

When it was lunch time again, I went downstairs, but K didn’t want to eat.  Oh dear.  Well, I did. I had   salad with some chicken breast on it, plus a cold soup too.  That was nice.  I ate up here in the room, and I heated up the water pot too and made myself some tea.  Good grief have I missed being able to do that!

I wrote up three postcards and also a sympathy card for a friend who just lost her husband.  I had a bit of mail for another friend who had a baby last month…it was a bit “Circle of Life-y”.  I could have gone out and mailed them at the post office, but got a bit lazy and just decided to stay put! I also repacked my suitcase…changed from my little pink one, to my bigger silver one.  I am going for 4 days after all. 

F didn’t get back tonight until almost 6 pm, poor thing.  We decided to take K out for dinner since neither of us will be around tomorrow.  We were going to go for Chinese food, but decided to go for fish donburi instead. F and K had tuna and chopped tuna, I had salmon and salmon eggs.  Yum.  K said she didn’t want to buy any food at the grocery store afterwards, so we brought her to the house.  F on the other hand, did want to get her some food.  

We went to McDonald for a coffee and a bit of free wifi, then hit up the grocery store.  The only thing that I wanted was a drink for the evening, which I bought.  F got his mother some food, probably a bit too much since she doesn’t want to eat too much right now.  

I watched a bit of telly, and now I’m doing this.  I keep thinking that K is wandering around the house…earlier when I took a shower, she was doing that.  I could hear the floorboards creak, but I couldn’t see her, so it was a bit spooky when she appeared!  We had a little laugh about it. 

Tomorrow morning I am off to Niigata for a few days.  I’m hoping to eat Mexican food, see a movie or something fun, do a bit of shopping and meet up with some of the ladies from my women’s group.  I am really looking forward to this trip.  F is having a medical check and it is an overnight one.  I booked this trip before we moved in as I was worried about spending time with K on my own.  It wouldn’t have been too bad, but I’m happy that I have had this trip to look forward to.

I probably won’t blog from my trip unless something momentous happens. Please check back in a few days and see how everything went.  Talk to you later….night!


Rosa said...

A getaway sounds like just the thing! Enjoy every minute of it!

Helen said...

Thank you! Off to the train in a few minutes :-)

Marta said...

Have fun!

Helen said...

Thanks Marta, I did :-)