July 24, 2017

Monday - Rainy and humid

A great weekend away.  

I’m a little sad to be back if I’m honest, I had such a great time in Niigata despite the terrible weather.   I met up with friends yesterday, I ate some great food and decided over-all to eat things that I normally wouldn’t be able to get in Tsuruoka.  I did a little shopping, some sightseeing and movie watching.  In short, I had a good time!

Rather than spend my time going through the days, I’ll mention a few highlights of my trip. 

Checking into my hotel and not being asked for my passport.

Going to the mall by bus and finding clothes that I liked enough to buy…on sale.

Eating in restaurants that I hadn’t eaten in before and eating foods (for the most part) that I can’t find in Tsuruoka.  

Seeing a couple of movies, one of which was in a theatre that I’ve been trying to visit for the past 20 years…but it never worked out for me before.

Going to the “Sake Museum” and trying five different types of sake…next time I hope to have the vocabulary to describe them properly.

Taking a loop bus to some of the sights in Niigata and doing it all by myself…

Just enjoying myself and not worrying about anything.  

I can’t show you pictures from our party, but I can show off some of the interesting foods that I had…talk more to you later.  Until tomorrow….

This was a gorgeous iced coffee that was blended with chocolate.  I had it in an Italian place. So good.

Vietnamese coffee.  I've never had this before, not sure how authentic it is.  Yum.

An actual Hamburger.  It was good!

At the Mexican restaurant.  Chipotle Chicken tacos, refried beans and Mexican rice.  I'm drinking Agua de Jamaica.

A rice and quinoa pudding.  So nice

I went to the Hotel's restaurant here. I had steak with rice, corn soup, salad, grilled vegetables and rice.  I really liked the steak and the vegetables.

Chopped salad with everything in it!  It had some meat, broccoli, avocado, celery,  and the bit on top is mashed potato!

This was in a new place to me...a farm restaurant.  I had quiche, eggplant soup and salad, plus some vegetables and a big hunk of great bread.  It was good.  

The last thing I had today that was interesting was a fruit juice ice bar.  This one is raspberry.  It was so good!
I'm quite glad that I decided to try new restaurants and things.  I have the tendency to go to the same places and that gets old fast!

I'll be back properly soon!  Night....


Marta said...

All the food pictures made me hungry: everything looks so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helen said...

Thank you! The food was really good, and I enjoyed it as much as I could :-)