July 25, 2017

Tuesday - Muggy but cooler

A quiet day.

I got up this morning and said a sleepy goodbye to my husband.  I watched the news and also a bit of Desperate Housewives in the morning before going downstairs for breakfast.  K and I ate together, I did the dishes before coming back upstairs.  My suitcase had arrived so I brought it upstairs, and also my water pot too. 

I unpacked, caught up on email and blogs and relaxed a bit too.  I also did up a couple of Postcrossings and watched a few programs off the DVR.  

I had lunch and offered K some as well, but she didn’t want any today.  I had a rather nice one, shrimp in mayonnaise, salad, soup….all the more for me.  

F came home around 6 today and we went out for dinner.  We invited K, but she didn’t want to come.  

We had an okay dinner at Gusto.  We each had chicken, but different dishes.  I had a spicy Hawaiian chicken, except it wasn’t spicy at all.  F had grilled chicken on bean sprouts.  We shared an order of fries.  We ordered take-out for K and brought it back for her.  

Before we left the restaurant parking lot,  F received a call from his uncle and he talked for ages.  It was all very boring and I didn’t understand it at all.  

When we got back to the house, I came upstairs and watched some TV, then F came up too.  I took a shower before 11 and then I watched Suits.  I am enjoying that show, but I worry they have written themselves into a corner!

That basically was my day. I wrote a couple of emails, booked a hotel room for when I’m in Canada and just got caught up on “stuff”!  Come back later and see what I get up to on Wednesday.  Until tomorrow….

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