July 29, 2017

Saturday - Hot and sunny, a little muggy

An okay day.

I got up this morning after a bit of a lie-in.  That was nice for a change.  F went to run an errand and brought us back a chocolate bagel each. Yum.  Then, we went to the doctor’s office.  No big deal.  I did some crochet in the cool air conditioned room, finished the band I was working on.  

We came back to the house to see if K wanted to have lunch with us.  I was hoping she wouldn’t since I felt a bit like she’d been with us all week.  However, she wanted to go.  Then F got all naggy with me about where to eat.  He wanted ramen…I didn’t.  I suggested a place where he could get ramen, but he wasn’t happy with it.  Still, he agreed to try it.  We got there and it was full. We’d have to wait for 30 minutes.  Nope.  So, F took us to the Udon shop I quite like.  That was fine, but on the way he said something to the effect that he always tries to make me happy with restaurants.  I nearly cackled in his ear.  He never tries to make me happy, and shoots down most of my suggestions.  He acts like a jerk most of the time when it comes to food…only wants to eat in cheap, horrible places…only wants me to eat Japanese food…I could go on, but why?

We had an okay meal at the place, I worried a bit about being hungry later on, since I had only a little protein.

We got back to the house and almost immediately F asked me to go out for coffee to get some wifi action.  We were driving around when I remembered a place with decent coffee and good parking.  We went to Cafe Studio Cinq. I got my apps updated and we had an okay time for a change.

We came back to the house and I got started in on opening boxes.  I had asked F to help me put some of the stuff away, but of course he had to run more errands (also known as beetling off).  He went, I found some stuff.  I found the crackers I got for Christmas that actually expired today, some beef curry, and my tea.  Hurray!  I brought most of it upstairs.  The tea and coffee I mean, not the other stuff.  

F and I went out for a movie and dinner a bit after 7.  We drove to Mikawa shopping centre and had bibinba.  That was good actually.  They got them really hot today, so the rice burnt in the bowl.  Hurray.  I picked up a ball of yarn at the store for edging the blanket and F bought himself a couple of shirts for work.  

We went to see the movie at 8:55. It was The Mummy and it wasn’t great. I didn’t hate it as much as the critics did, but it wasn’t good either.  We came back to the house via the convenience store and that’s about it.  

I’m quite tired so will be going to bed as soon as possible.  I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow, I think you’ll just have to come back and find out!  Until tomorrow… 

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