July 9, 2017

Sunday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I woke up this morning rather early and got up soon after.  I did a quick email check and then F and I left the house.  We stopped at the conbini for a couple of onigiri and some drinks, then went on to meet my friend.  She was waiting for us and the two cars drove to Kamo Port.  

We had invited my friend and her two children to come and do some fishing with us.  Because I am not great at hot weather, we suggested going early, so we could leave when the sun got too hot.  It was pretty hot, but we were near the ocean so it felt cooler, and my friend brought a beach parasol so we had shade. Yay.  

Fishing went okay.  Her son and I had fishing rods, which F prepared for us.  I gave the rod back to F and he caught a fish, the only one of the day.  He got a sardine, which he brought home and later grilled for his mother! 

We did have some other excitement today too as my friend’s son sat in his mother’s car and may have let off the hand brake.  The car started rolling towards the edge of the dock.  Much telling off happened afterwards, but thankfully the car was stopped.  

By 11 am I had had enough sun, and so had everyone else.  We packed up all the gear and went for lunch. My friend suggested Fireball, and so we all went there.  We had a very nice lunch, three kinds of pasta and one pizza.  Very delicious stuff as usual.

After lunch, my friend took her children back to their city for naps and F suggested getting a kakigori.  It sounded great, but where to go?  We ended up going to Patio in S-Mall.  We had the same thing, Mango Kakigori with milk and it was very nice.  

The next thing we did was buy a few drinks and then came back to F’s House.  I took a nap and I think F did too a bit later.  

Around 6 we decided to go out for our dinner, but it took us a while to get going.  Before we left the house, I suggested going through the fridge and throwing out some of the old food that has been lurking.  We tossed out quite a bit.  We get stuff for K, sometimes she forgets to eat it or we don’t use things up in time.  Then we took it out to the garage for F to take out tomorrow.

We had dinner at Kintaro Sushi, the one nearest the house.  It was quiet there, so we had a fast, light and quick meal.  Yay.

We wanted a drink afterwards so drove out to Mos Burger.  When we were there, I had the sweets set, so a mango roll cake with an iced tea, F had iced tea.  It was nice and we both signed up for their wifi service too.  

On the way back to the house, we stopped at the Yamazawa to pick up food for K and somethings for me for tomorrow.  We also got a few drinks.

At the house I came upstairs while F took a bit longer.  He had a shower and is now trying to sleep.  It is so hot up here in our rooms.  It was 34℃ in the afternoon, it has cooled down to 29℃!

Tomorrow I’m back here on my own.  I may go out if it gets too hot again.  I’m not really good at high temperatures.  Come back here and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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